MELBOURNE Football Club’s Board currently comprises 8 directors, listed here.

Each director is elected for a term of 3 years. The term of one or more directors expires at the AGM each year, normally held in February.

Nominations for, and the election of, directors are made in accordance with the club’s Constitution and Election Rules. The nomination period commences on 24 November and all nominations must be received by no later than 5.00pm AEDT on 1 December 2021.

Being a director of any organisation is a privilege that comes with many duties and responsibilities. At Melbourne Football Club, the Board is responsible for the overall direction and governance of the club. It is critical the Board has a diverse group of directors with the necessary skills, experience, qualities, and other attributes that ensures the club’s objectives are achieved. Melbourne Football Club Directors perform their duties on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration.

To assist prospective nominees in considering their suitability to be a Melbourne Football Club Director, the Board has identified what it believes are the attributes required from any director and for the Board at this time. These attributes are listed in the Board Credentials Statement which also contains a list of the duties and responsibilities of a Melbourne Football Club director. This Statement is revised when the needs of the club or composition of the Board changes.

Members considering nominating for the Board should:

  1. Assess whether they have the skills, experience, qualities, and other attributes contained in the Board Credentials Statement.
  2. Familiarise themselves with the election and nomination requirements in the Constitution and the Election Rules and be prepared to comply with these requirements; and
  3. Contact David Goldberg, Company Secretary/Returning Officer at for any further information and guidance.