A GROUP of past players from the late ’90s and early 2000s, who spent their careers striving for the ultimate success, have finally got their hands on the premiership cup.

The 12 ex-Demons, plus a number of staff from the Neale Daniher era, were invited down to The Tower Hotel in Hawthorn by the former coach himself, to celebrate Melbourne’s 2021 glory.

With all families, and a special piece of silverware, present, it was an evening many will never forget.

And while Adem Yze, who played 271 games for the club and was a member of the premiership coaching panel, has already had his time with the cup, he said this event made the true significance of his side’s triumph clear.

“This actually makes it pretty real for me,” Yze told Melbourne Media.

“Obviously being away when we won it, you don’t realise the impact it’s had on the really close-knit people that I used to work with.

“Seeing the familiar faces and seeing what it’s done for them has been really amazing, so it’s a really nice day.”

Take a look at all the shots from Friday night’s catch-up below:

(Neale Daniher)

(Adem Yze and Neale Daniher)

(Anthony McDonald and Andrew Leoncelli)

(Alistair Nicholson)

(Daniel Ward)

(Ben Holland)

(Travis Johnstone)

(Alistair Nicholson and David Neitz)

(Rod Grinter and Andrew Leoncelli)

(Alistair Nicholson and Neale Daniher)

(Ben Holland and Travis Johnstone)

(Neale Daniher and Travis Johnstone)

(Guy Rigoni)

(Ben Holland and David Neitz)

(David Neitz, Rod Grinter, Darrell Fenton and Neale Daniher)

(Andrew Leoncelli and Neale Daniher)

(Neale Daniher)

(L-R standing: Rod Grinter, Alistair Nicholson, David Neitz, Adem Yze, Neale Daniher, Travis Johnstone, Daniel Ward, Andrew Leoncelli, Stephen Powell, Greg Cunningham, Andrew Daff, Darrell Fenton. L-R kneeling: Clint Bizzell, Guy Rigoni, Ben Holland, Anthony McDonald, Spike Harris)

(Family portrait)

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AFL Premiership Cup | Neale's Demon get-together

Neale Daniher's Whatsapp group gather together to celebrate the 2021 Premiership cup.

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