Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos

MELBOURNE wingman Ed Langdon loves to run, that’s no secret.

But this week, it was confirmed just how much of an endurance star the 25-year-old is, with the AFL releasing its Telstra Tracker data for 2021.

The AFL Telstra Tracker shows the distance covered by a player during each game throughout the season, with Langdon averaging 15.3 kilometres per game.

His average was the second highest in the league, behind Carlton’s Sam Walsh who averaged 15.49 kilometres.

The wingman is known for his speed and endurance and is often seen running from Melbourne’s defensive 50 to the forward 50, all within one stretch of play.

Langdon featured four times in the club’s top five for most distance covered in a single game, with his highest kilometres collected during Melbourne’s Qualifying Final against Brisbane, running 16.5 kilometres. This was tied for the team’s 2021 record, with small forward Alex Neal-Bullen also covering 16.5 kilometres during the Grand Final against the Western Bulldogs.

You can check out the full Melbourne Telstra Tracker data below.

Top-five most distance covered per game in 2021
Ed Langdon, 15.30km
Christian Salem, 14.20km
Alex Neal-Bullen, 13.88km
Clayton Oliver, 13.61km
Jake Bowey, 13.33km

Top-five most distance covered in a game in 2021
Ed Langdon, QF v BL, 16.50km
Alex Neal-Bullen, GF v WB, 16.50km
Ed Langdon, R19 v WB, 16.37km
Ed Langdon, R8 v Syd 16.18km
Ed Langdon, GF v WB, 16.18km