Dear members,

How good was last night? The boys did us all so proud and the Demon spirit was well and truly on show.

Since our 2021 AFL Finals campaign begun, many members have reached out to tell me how proud they are to belong to our football club. Whether it’s been via phone, email or people stopping me in the street, the pride of Melbourne people has been coming through loud and clear. Without a doubt this sentiment was once again the predominant emotion following our preliminary final victory. The performance of our players and coaches was incredible. They were not perturbed by the pressure of the occasion and as they have all season, they certainly made each and every one of us proud to belong.

Melbourne supporters have waited an incredibly long time to see their team back in the Grand Final. Despite this, they have remained passionate and loyal. We are thrilled to be back competing on the biggest stage of them all in two weeks’ time and will be doing everything possible to bring the cup home.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the crucial role you have played in getting our club to this point. Your unwavering support of the club has enabled us to ride the highs and lows of season 2021 and emerge the other side Grand Finalists. With our players living under strict AFL protocols and the effects of COVID hampering our ability to enjoy much of this journey in person, we have still managed to feel all the love and backing of our members and supporters.

We have missed playing in front of a packed crowd at the MCG and having you all attend open trainings and various other events throughout the season. But rest assured, we have felt every bit of love and support that has been sent our way, be it via social media, text, email and all other avenues. We know how much this means to our members and supporters and you are always front of mind when the players take to the field.

Making a Grand Final is a remarkable achievement and one which we want to share and celebrate with all of you. I would like to thank our interstate members and supporters, who have shown up in strong numbers across the course of the 2021 AFL Finals Series. For our Victorian supporters, please know that we are working hard behind the scenes to create opportunities for us to celebrate the 2021 season in-person, as soon as restrictions back home allow. We are working with the MCC on a function at the MCG, where we can come together and thank you for your support this year. Obviously, this will be dependant on restrictions but as soon as we can have a crowd, even if limited, we will ensure we can all come together.

We are acutely aware of the challenges many people are facing in these difficult times. Right from the start of the year we have been conscious that the best thing we could do for our supporters right around the country was to consistently play an aggressive brand of footy that would put us back in finals contention. We hope that our success so far this season has brought joy, hope and smiles to your faces and we hope that the best is still yet to come in a fortnight’s time.

We will be working tirelessly over the coming weeks to keep you connected to the team over here in Perth and encourage you to stay across our website and social media channels for all the latest updates and information.

I said in my last letter that at the beginning of the 2021 season our goal was to be back in AFL Finals, playing a consistent quality and style of football that would beat the best teams and stand up under the pressure of finals. As we sit here today, we can proudly say we have achieved this goal. Now we have one final challenge ahead of us. One which Goody and the players are excited and ready for.   

I hope our success so far this year has empowered Melbourne people and made them once again feel proud to wear the colours, sing the song loudly and unleash their Demon spirit. It has been great to see Melbourne people begin to believe again and to focus on the future and what we can achieve as a club.

Thank you again for your unwavering loyalty and support. Please keep cheering, posting and sending your messages. I know the players feel all the love and support and will be doing everything possible to bring the 2021 Premiership Cup home to Melbourne.

Go Dees!

Gary Pert