There’s one reason why Josh and Kyle Dunkley have become AFL footballers.

It’s not their determination. Or all their hard work. Or their elite skills.

You can rule out their Dad being an AFL superstar in his day too.

It all stems back to their junior football days, as their sister Lara Dunkley – now a Melbourne Vixens netballer – tells the story.

Because if she hadn’t have played ruck in the early stages of their footy careers, they would have never got the ball!

“Absolutely,” Dunkley said, with a laugh.

“We all played together and Dad was the coach.

“I used to be in the ruck, and I always say to the boys they were lucky to have me because I was the tallest girl on the field, so I’d usually win the majority of the ruck.

“I’d be able to tap it to Josh, who’d boot it down to Kyle… he’d kick the goal. It was perfect!”

The three Dunkley siblings are extremely close, and all live together in a house in Kew.

But it’s fair to say this week has been a little different to most.

Kyle was picked up by Melbourne in the mid-season draft only six weeks ago, and last week Josh was the one who revealed to him that he’d be making his AFL debut.

The star Bulldog was even allowed in the Melbourne rooms pre-game on Sunday.

It’s fair to say that won’t be the case this week.

“There’s definitely been tension in the house,” Dunkley said.

“It’s a lot quieter, which I actually don’t mind, it’s probably a good thing.

“They’re trying to be a bit chirpy and slide some little comments in here and there, but otherwise it’s actually been quite silent.

“And as soon as word ‘football’ comes up it goes dead silent.”

Lara says it will be a proud day for the Dunkley family, but she won’t be picking sides.

“I’ve got a scarf been made, it’s going to be half and half,” she said.

But away from the footy field, Lara has been happy to reveal which brother is better at…

Cooking? I’ll give it to Josh. He thinks he goes alright in the kitchen, and look, he definitely does. He has his days where things might not be up to scratch, but overall he’s better. Josh 1 – Kyle 0

Cleaning? In the house generally, it’s Josh. But Kyle’s getting there… he’s getting a bit older now. Josh 2 – Kyle 0

Giving advice? Kyle has very inspirational things to say, and Josh is very direct – he’ll say it how it is! Josh 2 – Kyle 1

Buying gifts? With my birthday just recently, Josh claims I get sports gear from him all the time so I didn’t really get a present. Kyle was the cutest, he got me a full outfit from a shop, a jumper down to jeans and a belt. Josh 2 – Kyle 2

Ballet? Kyle was only a baby when the boys did ballet. Josh thinks he’s good at everything, so I’ll give it to Kyle. Josh 2 – Kyle 3 

Netball? Probably Josh, because he loves playing in the middle and he’d work really hard up and down the court. Josh 3 – Kyle 3

Fashion? Josh is sports gear on sports gear, which gets a bit boring. So I’d definitely say Kyle. Josh 3 – Kyle 4

… and the coaches’/parents’ pet? Josh. No explanation needed… he’s the golden child, let’s be honest. Josh 4 – Kyle 4

So it looks like they have to settle it on Sunday!