Match Day Experiences

Guard of Honour & Junior Mascot

The Guard of Honour is an experience reserved for our passionate Dees members aged five to 12 years, line up on either side of the banner to cheer on the players as they run out onto the ground. It's a great opportunity for young members to get up close to our AFL and AFLW players and give them their support before they play. 

On top of this, two very lucky members get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be our junior mascots each week. Running through the banner with the team as they make their way onto the ground is an experience to remember. 

Fan & Community Experiences

Under special circumstances the Melbourne Football Club has been able to deliver fans with some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, connecting with players or integrating into the AFL/AFLW match day experience.

It isn’t lost upon the club the dedication and loyalty of the Demon faithful and the club aims to give back to its fans during times of crisis or hardship, with the club striving to enable all those whose heart beats true, feeling proud to belong to the red and the blue.

If you know of a loyal and proud Dees fan currently experiencing a difficult time or someone that has a feel good story that should be celebrated, please reach out to the Community team at