THE DEMONS entered Wednesday night’s National Draft with a clear plan: recruit classy, intelligent, outside players.

And they did just that.

Jake Bowey (pick No.21), Bailey Laurie (pick No.22) and Fraser Rosman (pick No.34) are the most recent additions to Melbourne's list, ticking the boxes for National Recruiting Manager, Jason Taylor.

“We’re really pleased with the outcomes,” Taylor told Melbourne Media after the draft.

“It took a while to get to our first selections, deep in that first round, but we went in with an idea to target players … around really good footy IQ, good ball users, good decision makers.

“I think we got two of the better players in the pool in those areas of their game, in both Jake and Bailey, with those early selections.”

A feature of all three draftees’ games is their versatility – a word thrown around regularly during the draft.

But Bowey, who stands at just 175cm, could be utilised anywhere on the field, and certainly won’t let his height minimise his impact.

“He’s got a good leap on him for a small fella,” Taylor said.

“He’s a big small, if you like. He’s got a good set of shoulders, but he has got a really good vertical leap and his aerial game is pretty good.

“And he’s got good speed, so that won’t be an issue for him.”

Bailey will be just as exciting to watch, with speed to burn inside 50.

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AFL Draft | Jason Taylor | Draft review

Get to know our three new recruits better as Jason Taylor reviews our draft night.

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“He’s just a very good mover,” Taylor said.

“He’s got great special awareness, evades quite well and just sets up teammates with his play, or if not, hits the scoreboard himself.

“He’s a really creative player.”

And Rosman, the Dees’ final selection, will give Melbourne some X-factor on the attack at 194cm.

“He’s played a fair bit of footy on the wing – he’s a taller winger, but he has played some good footy forward as well,” Taylor said.

“He’s flexible in all areas of the ground, but he’s an elite athlete.

“He’s an extreme endurance athlete and he’s got really good speed, so the sky’s the limit for Fraser.

“He’s fairly raw in terms of his footy, but we think he can fill a role in all areas of the ground.”

After three successful selections in the eyes of the Demons’ recruiting team, Melbourne finished the night with a pick swap, moving up the 2021 draft order in an exchange with the Hawks.

“We weren’t going to use that latter selection, so it was just about improving our position next year – as simple as that,” Taylor said.

Recap all of Melbourne’s draft selections below.