WITHIN 24 hours of Melbourne’s Round 3 game being postponed, the club has already played an intra-club match and turned its attention to next week.

The Demons were meant to be facing Essendon on Sunday, but due to Conor McKenna’s positive COVID-19 test, things looked slightly different when the boys hit the MCG.

“Obviously it’s a disruption,” GM of Football Josh Mahoney said after the game.

“We go into this season with an open mind, knowing that there’s going to be some agility required though the season, but you never sort of think that a game is going to be postponed the way it was.

“And really, what we’ve been saying to the players is you can’t control that.

“The game was postponed, but what we can control is our response afterwards.

“We were able to organise a game out here on the MCG, get … a good hit-out with 40 players and really, the mindset’s gone to playing Geelong, our next opponent.”

The Dees have had to move on quickly from the change of schedule, with the boys embracing everything that’s been thrown their way.

“It’s really been our approach for the whole season, and Simon’s really driven that with the players,” Mahoney said.

“This season is going to be a different looking season, and there’s going to be challenges all the time.

“We’ve had a challenge every week so far through this.

“The team that shows the most resilience and is able to bounce back from those challenges is going to be the team that comes out on top this year.”

Watch below as Mahoney addressed the media outside the MCG.

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Media Conference | Josh Mahoney

Josh Mahoney speaks to the media after our practice match at the MCG

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