WHILE Neville Jetta is best known for his work on the footy field, in recent weeks, he’s been testing out a new skillset – in the classroom.

With isolation changing the way kids can consume their schoolwork, parents have been given a small taste of the challenging life as a teacher.

And it’s one Jetta has enjoyed.

“It’s been a bit of a different experience,” he told Melbourne Media.

“We’re just trying to tick off some of their schooling whilst at home and I’ve been loving helping them.”

But he is taking minimal credit for the education in the Jetta household.

“Sam (Jetta’s wife) has been amazing – she took the reins there,” he said.

“I’m a bit more of a principal/sports teacher the kids reckon, so once their school's done they’re out in the gym with me doing stuff.

“I’m just trying to get them out of the house and tire them out a bit.”

Although isolation has at times been a strange experience, Jetta’s kids are benefiting from the Dees defender being stuck indoors.

“They’ve enjoyed having dad around,” he said.

“Trying to get them going up and ready for school has been a bit of a struggle but once they’re in completing the work they get through it pretty quickly.”

Lani and Kyree (Jetta’s kids) have had some additional company under their roof over the past week, with Kysaiah Pickett returning from Western Australia to live with his uncle.

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Iso training with Nev and Kozzy

Neville Jetta and Kysaiah Pickett hit the training track for a big session

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“Obviously we’re both from WA and we don’t have a lot of family members over here, so to be able to have him live with my family not only helps him, but helps me because I get a training partner and a gym partner as well,” Jetta said.

“I was a young player once as well and you don’t know what you don’t know, so to be able to live with an older player and train with intensity is something that I didn’t pick up for a long time.

“To have him with me and show him the ropes and try to get him best prepared for the season ahead is something I’m enjoying doing, and I’m sure he’s enjoying training with me.”

Jetta has been a major influence on Pickett since the 18-year-old was drafted last November, helping the exciting small forward settle into life as a professional athlete.

“Not only myself but the whole footy club has helped him get up to pace, mainly with all the small things – the little things that people don’t see in terms of diet, looking after himself, sleep,” Jetta said.

“Doing all the little things definitely helped him be in the team for Round 1 and hopefully he’s learnt a lot more over the past six weeks and prepared himself the best he can.”

While it remains unclear when the next game will be, Jetta, who has been separated from his teammates since March, is hopeful a return to training with his teammates is not too far away.

“That’s something you probably miss the most as a player,” he said.

“You’re in the club every day. I’m probably with those guys more than I’m with my own family sometimes.

“The relationships, the connection and the banter that goes on is something you definitely miss.

“To be able to get back, see them, be around them and get back to what we do best is something I’m looking forward to.”