A WEEK of training on the Sunshine Coast is difficult for any footballer, let alone an 18-year-old just three months into their career.

But Matt Egan, the club’s development coach, says this trip is incredibly valuable for Melbourne’s trio of draftees – Luke Jackson, Kysaiah Pickett and Trent Rivers.

“It’s a really good learning for the first yearers because it’s not only a lot of hard training for them, but a lot of education on our game plan and our club in general,” Egan told Melbourne Media.

“It’s a good opportunity to spend a lot of time with the older boys.

“Jacko and Riv are staying with Melky (Jake Melksham) and Jonesy (Nathan Jones), so they learn about good life habits – eating, nutrition, recovery, even how to switch off, relax and have some fun.

“It’s good because they get a lot of variety of footy and life learning which is important for them.”

While the youngsters have been put to the test under the Maroochydore sun, the off-field work is equally as important as they try to find their feet in the side.

“We’ve obviously had a good amount of training, but there’s also been a lot of down time for them,” Egan said.

“In that time they can go for a surf together, they can go for lunches, breakfast, coffee – just spending time getting to know each other.

“They do get heaps of time for bonding and also hard training, so it’s perfect.”

The draftees have picked up the AFL lifestyle seamlessly and Egan said the coaches are “rapt” with how they’re tracking, although cautious not to push them too hard.

“We’re pulling them in and out of training a bit just with their loads – obviously they’re only a couple of months into their programs,” he said.

“We had some match play the other day and all three of them had an impact at all ends of the ground.

“Kozzy was really lively up forward. His footwork and change of direction is unbelievable, and he kicks both feet.

“Jacko played ruck on Gawny so it was a really good learning experience for him playing on one of the best ruckman in the AFL.

“And Riv played half-back – kicked a goal from half-back. He’s a really dashing half-back who’s fitting in really well.

“His running has been really good, he’s coping with the load, so it’s really exciting to watch him, particularly in the match play.”

There are no expectations on the trio to dominate at senior level in the early stages of 2020, but they have shown plenty of promising signs heading into their debut season.