SIX Melbourne jumper numbers in the top 35 are up for grabs, with Steven May, Kade Kolodjashnij and Braydon Preuss set to be given their jumper numbers soon.

The trio won’t be able to keep their numbers from their last clubs, with May’s 17 held by Sam Frost, Kolodjashnij’s number 10 worn by Angus Brayshaw and Braydon Preuss’s 31 occupied by Bayley Fritsch.

Here are the potential numbers we could see our new recruits pull on in 2019. 

Number 1

The number one guernsey was vacated by Jesse Hogan, who joined Fremantle in the Trade Period.

Denis Cordner featured the most times in the number one, playing 151 games.

Number 12

Dom Tyson’s move to North Melbourne leaves the number 12 guernsey free.

Famous Demons to have pulled on the guernsey include Jack Mueller and Todd Viney, who both played more than 200 games for the club. 

Number 16

With Dean Kent moving to St Kilda, his number 16 guernsey is now open.

2005 Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Memorial Trophy winner Travis Johnstone is the Club record holder in the number 16, having played 160 games between 1998 to 2007. 

Number 21

Previously worn by forward Cam Pedersen for six seasons and 64 games, number 21 will be up for grabs in 2019.

Prior to Pedersen, Daniel Bell pulled on the number 21 in 66 games between 2006 and 2009.

Steven Febey is the games record holder in the guernsey, playing 258 games between 1988 and 2001.

Number 23

Bernie Vince’s retirement opens the number 23 guernsey, which he wore for 100 games between 2014 and 2018. 

The 23 has an iconic history in sport in general, having been adopted by Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Lebron James and Shane Warne at stages in their careers.

Prior to Vince, James McDonald pulled on the number 23 for 251 games between 1997 and 2010.

Number 27

Harley Balic held the number 27 for the 2018 season before his retirement.

Famous names to have worn the guernsey include Sean Wight, Jared Rivers and Anthony Ingerson.

Number 32

Tom Bugg previously wore the 32 guernsey in 31 games across three seasons.

Club legend Cameron Bruce donned the number 32 across his entire 224-game career with Melbourne.

Other numbers up for grabs

  • Number 34 (held by Mitch King in 2018)
  • Number 40 (held by Pat McKenna in 2018)
  • Number 41 (vacant in 2018)
  • Number 43 (vacant in 2018)
  • Number 46 (vacant in 2018)
  • Number 47 (held by Lochie Filipovic in 2018)