MELBOURNE took to the NAB AFL Women’s Draft on Tuesday to recruit four new Demons, completing its list ahead of the 2020 season.

Although the Dees didn’t feature until the third round, the wait was worth it as some quality talent joined the club.

With the squad of now 30 finalised, senior coach Mick Stinear is really pleased with how things are shaping up for the red and blue.

“[It was a] fantastic day for us at the draft,” he told Melbourne Media.

“We didn’t enter until pick 54 so it was a little bit of wait and see, but we’re rapt to walk away with four quality players.

“We’ve got an existing 26 players who we think are ready to go and have an impact next season, so the four we bring in today, we’re really excited to see how they can help shape our team.

“We’re genuinely excited for what next year holds and we’re looking to do good things as a team.”

Stinear provides an insight into the type of football fans can expect to see from the club’s most recent additions.

Pick No.54 – Jacqueline Parry

DOB: 12/7/96

Height: 176cm

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Queanbeyan

“We’re really excited to have Jackie on board with our first pick.

“She’s had a fantastic year for Queanbeyans – kicked over 50 goals.

“She nominated for our talent search earlier in the year, flew herself down from Canberra.

“We were really impressed with her skill level, her character, and she was someone we were following for a little while, and luckily enough she was available with our pick and we’re excited to have her in the team.

“She’ll likely settle in as a forward early, she’s great overhead, she’s very accurate around goals, so we’re looking forward to having Jackie as part of the team.”

Pick No.72 – Brenna Tarrant

DOB: 3/11/01

Height: 174cm

Position: Forward/Defender

Recruited from: NSW/East Coast Eagles

“Brenna Tarrant is from Western Sydney – she played for the East Coast Eagles.

“She was an All Australian defender this year in the Under 18s, she’s brilliant overhead, she kicks the ball well, she’s a natural footballer, so we’re excited to have her on board with the team and see where she goes.

“She can play at both ends of the ground as a versatile tall, so we look forward to seeing her settle in.”

Pick No.77 – Gabby Colvin

DOB: 1/3/91

Height: 175cm

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Darebin VFLW

“Gabby Colvin’s a teammate of a few of the girls from Darebin, so she’s well known to a few of our girls already.

“Gabby’s competitiveness – she’s just been a great defender at VFLW level.

“She’s someone we think can have an impact straight away and gives us good depth to our list and will certainly make it competitive for spots.

“She’s a good personality, she’s full of life and we’re looking forward to seeing her settle in.”

Pick No.78 – Krstel Petrevski

DOB: 9/4/01

Height: 162cm

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Calder Cannons/Essendon VFLW

“She’s grown up in WA but then has been living over the East Coast since she was 11.

“She’s settled in Melbourne over the last four years – came through the Calder Cannons and Essendon VFLW.

“She’s really a natural footballer, moves really well, she’s got cousins Sam Petrevski-Seton and Toby Bedford on AFL lists so she’s got good footy genes, and it’s exciting to see where her footy can go – she’ll be one to watch.”