‘It’s a grand old brew, it’s a high flavoured brew, it’s the lager for me and for you!’

It’s with these words – hijacked from the Melbourne Football Club theme song – that David Neitz and Jamie Fox from Brewmanity are using to convince an army of Demon supporters to come across to the ‘craft side’ and enjoy new age, flavour filled beer.

As a former captain of the club, and co-founder of Brewmanity, Neitz is particularly excited to rally the Demon faithful.

“With my background in AFL, I feel like I have a unique opportunity to reach out to more of the traditional beer drinkers and fly the flag for craft beer,” Neitz told Melbourne Media.

“And now, through the Demon Brew, we have a great platform to introduce a lot of people to a craftier style of beer.”

The beer itself is based on Brewmanity’s ‘Tango & Splash’ Juicy Lager, which recently won a silver medal in the Australian International Beer Awards as a specialty beer. 

“It is a mash up of an Australian Style Lager, and the low bitterness and late hop characteristics of a New England IPA,” Neitz said.

“Ultimately, the beer hits the mark as an easy drinking lager, but with the usual bitterness replaced with a subtle but delicious hit of stone fruit flavour on the back of the pallet.”

The partnership will be based on a fundraising model for the club, with the brew now available for purchase exclusively on-line through the Melbourne Football Club and Brewmanity websites.

“One of the most pleasing things for me personally is that through Brewmanity’s commitment to our Good Beer and Good Deeds philosophy, I’ll be able to support two organisations that I’m really passionate about – the Melbourne Football Club, and the Fight MND foundation,” Neitz said.

The cost of the limited edition brew will be $99, and will be delivered to your door with the support of First Choice Liquor.

In addition, customers can upsize their order with a discounted case of Brewmanity’s award winning Tango & Splash Juicy lager, with $15 from each upsized order donated to Fight MND.

The beer is available for purchase today, and beer delivery scheduled for August.

PURCHASE YOURS HERE (must be over 18 years).