Get them in: With Melbourne being forced into making two changes, Tim Smith (four goals) and Alex Neal-Bullen (carryover emergency) are heading the queue of players to come into the side. Braydon Preuss was best afield against Essendon in the VFL and will be considered, alongside Corey Wagner, Harrison Petty and Tom Sparrow.

Under the pump: Declan Keilty has been OK in his opening two AFL games, but Preuss is putting pressure on to make his return. Petty could also come into contention if the Demons lose patience with Oscar McDonald.

Medical room: Michael Hibberd (collarbone) and Jake Melksham (foot) have already been ruled out. Jordan Lewis (ankle) barely did anything at training on Tuesday and the Demons will need to see more from him late in the week if he's any chance of getting up off a six-day break.

Verdict: Smith for Melksham, Neal-Bullen for Hibberd and Preuss for Keilty.