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Locked in: Melbourne’s 2019 list

Photo by Adam Trafford
Photo by Adam Trafford

MELBOURNE’S list for 2019 has now been finalised following the AFL Draft last Friday.

The Demons will have 39 primary listed players and six rookies for the upcoming season.

The club has welcomed a range of new recruits this off-season, bringing in Kade Kolodjashnij, Steven May and Braydon Preuss during the trade period, as well as six fresh faces at the draft.

Melbourne also has two Category B rookies in its squad for 2019, with 204cm ruckman Austin Bradtke and former Big Bash cricketer Guy Walker signing with the red and blue earlier this year.

In further changes to the rookie list, ex-Kangaroo Corey Wagner joined the club via the newly-introduced Pre-Season Supplemental Selection Period, while Corey Maynard has been upgraded to the senior list.


  1. Baker, Oskar 
  2. Bedford, Toby
  3. Bradtke, Austin (rookie)
  4. Brayshaw, Angus 
  5. Chandler, Kade (rookie)
  6. Fritsch, Bayley
  7. Frost, Sam 
  8. Garlett, Jeff
  9. Gawn, Max
  10. Hannan, Mitch
  11. Harmes, James
  12. Hibberd, Michael
  13. Hore, Marty
  14. Hunt, Jayden
  15. Jetta, Neville 
  16. Jones, Nathan
  17. Jordon, James
  18. Keilty, Declan (rookie)
  19. Kennedy-Harris, Jay
  20. Kolodjashnij, Kade
  21. Lever, Jake
  22. Lewis, Jordan
  23. May, Steven
  24. Maynard, Corey
  25. McDonald, Oscar
  26. McDonald, Tom
  27. Melksham, Jake
  28. Neal-Bullen, Alex
  29. Nietschke, Aaron
  30. Oliver, Clayton
  31. Petracca, Christian 
  32. Petty, Harrison
  33. Preuss, Braydon
  34. Salem, Christian
  35. Smith, Joel
  36. Smith, Tim (rookie)
  37. Spargo, Charlie
  38. Sparrow, Tom
  39. Stretch, Billy
  40. vandenBerg, Aaron
  41. Viney, Jack
  42. Wagner, Corey (rookie)
  43. Wagner, Josh
  44. Walker, Guy (rookie)
  45. Weideman, Sam 


Trade Period: Kade Kolodjashnij, Steven May, Braydon Preuss

Draft: Tom Sparrow, James Jordon, Aaron Nietschke, Marty Hore, Toby Bedford, Kade Chandler (rookie)

Rookie signings: Austin Bradtke, Guy Walker, Corey Wagner


Retired: Harley Balic, Bernie Vince

Trade Period: Jesse Hogan, Dean Kent, Dom Tyson

Delisted: Tom Bugg, Lochie Filipovic, Dion Johnstone, Mitch King, Pat Mckenna, Cameron Pedersen