MELBOURNE will celebrate 30 years of the Reach Foundation on Saturday night, hosting the annual ‘Round for Reach’ at the MCG. 

A highlight on the Demons’ fixture, the dedicated match shines a light on Reach’s vital work, supporting youth mental health and empowering young people across Australia. 


This year’s campaign speaks to the importance of continuing the work started by the late Jim Stynes, who co-founded Reach in 1994, with the message: “It started with Jim, it continues with you.” 

Melbourne and Reach are calling upon the entire football community to carry on the vision started by Stynes, three decades ago.  

Demons AFL Captain and Reach ambassador Max Gawn, who shared a special connection to Stynes, is among the biggest supporters of the cause.  

“Round for Reach is one that means a lot to me personally,” Gawn said.   

“Jim taught me so much, both as a player and a person, and I count myself lucky that I got to share in some special moments with him.   

“I’ve always believed Jim was ahead of his time, inspiring young people and giving them the best opportunity to reach their potential. To think of the work Reach has done in the last 30 years, all because of Jim, is pretty incredible.   

“Reach is Jim’s legacy and it’s on all of us to continue it on.”  

Stynes’ mission was to help young people reach their full potential, and build a generation of Australians who can adapt to the challenges that life throws them.  

Reach has continued Stynes’ work through their 100% youth-led and designed workshops. 

This preventative, rather than reactive, approach aims to minimise the likelihood of young people developing mental ill-health.  

The Round for Reach has been celebrated by Melbourne Football Club since 2017, and the 2024 edition promises to be just as powerful.