AS MELBOURNE prepares to make its trip to South Australia for back-to-back Adelaide games, Jake Lever will be looking towards availability in Round 3.

The defender received scans with concern to his knee following the club’s 55-point win over Hawthorn on Saturday, but is hopeful of no delay to his season.

“The scans cleared him of any major damage,” Selwyn Griffith, the club’s High Performance Manager, told Melbourne Media.

“Now we’re just looking at making sure that Jake has the confidence to be able to express his skills and we’ll assess that day-to-day, but it is likely that he’ll be available for this weekend.”


Lever was one half of a defensive duo that was subbed out of Melbourne’s game, with Steven May sustaining two fractures to his ribs, and a small transverse process fracture.

“We’re just working with Steven on assessing him day-to-day,” Griffith said.

“It is unlikely that he’ll be available for this week, but as he progresses, we’ll be able to integrate him into training and make an assessment following this week.”

In some positive news for winger Lachie Hunter, a return to play could be close as he finalises his rehab of a calf injury.

“He’s integrating back into full training,” Griffith said.

“At this stage, he’ll look to train fully this Wednesday and next week to be available the following weekend.”

In similar fashion to Hunter, Daniel Turner is eyeing off a return to play in the not-so-distant future, making strong progress through a hip injury.

“He’s integrated into full training today,” Griffith said.

“He’ll do majority of the training on Wednesday as well and then will continue to progress further into training to be available in the coming weeks."

Jake Bowey is making positive steps in his rehab of a shoulder injury, with the Demon progressing through a running schedule.

“He's started running and he’ll continue to progress through that protocol,” Griffith said.

“He’s starting to increase his range of motion and won’t be involved in skills for another week or two, until he gets that back but then he’ll integrate into some non-contact skills."

Charlie Spargo will remain on the sidelines as he manages an ongoing Achilles concern.

“He’s continuing to work daily on progressing his loading,” Griffith said.

“We’re still taking that session by session, so he’s probably still a few weeks away from being available.”

Shane McAdam (hamstring) and Jake Melksham (knee) are both continuing to work through their respective rehab programs.    

Check out the full injury list below. 

Name Injury Expected Return
Ollie Sestan Concussion Test
Jake Lever Knee Test
Steven May Ribs 1 week 
Lachie Hunter Calf 1 week
Daniel Turner  Hip 2 - 3 weeks 
Charlie Spargo Achilles 2 - 4 weeks
Shane McAdam Hamstring 3 - 5 weeks  
Jake Bowey Shoulder 7 weeks
Jake Melksham  Knee 12 - 14 weeks