MELBOURNE’S Georgina Fowler has announced she will step away from the game to focus on her life outside of football.

Fowler, who joined the Demons earlier this year, shared the news with her coaches and teammates on Monday, before penning a heartfelt post on social media.

“I've struggled to separate my value as a player from my value as a person,” Fowler wrote.

“This year, Mick taught me a valuable lesson – that people matter. While it may be a more self-centred interpretation than what he was intending, I’ve realised that Georgie as a person matters more than Georgie as a footballer.

“So, I've made the decision to step away from the game to focus on becoming someone I believe in and can be proud of.”

Fowler shared her aspirations for football now centre around the values and lessons she has learned across her journey, and to carry them into other areas of her life.

The 19-year-old began her career at GWS, where she made her debut in season six of the competition, and made the move to Melbourne in March.