We welcome all supporters aged over 16 the opportunity to become involved as a volunteer.

Volunteers assist the Melbourne Football Club in a variety of ways each year:

  • Membership sales (on match days)
  • Membership outbound phone sales
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Children’s football clinics
  • Club events
  • Interstate supporter group functions

Working With Children Check 

All volunteers MUST have a valid Working with children card. 

Make sure that you select the volunteer option

Please observe the below registration process for new volunteers

  1. Complete the Volunteer Agreement Form.
  2. Complete the Personal Details Form
  3. Obtain a Working with Children Check (form available at all post offices)

The forms and more information are available via the below links:

Contact Information

If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer, please email info@melbournefc.com.au or call 03 9652 1111

Interstate Volunteers

Interstate Volunteers often assist in a slightly different capacity to those based in Melbourne. For more information, please click here for a link to contact information for your local supporter group.

Demon Army

Another way to get involved is to become part of our cheer squad, the Demon Army. On match days the Demon Army are located behind the goals in a family friendly environment, adding to the voice and colour of match days. The group also has the responsibility of preparing the weekly run through banner, and representing the club Australia-wide. We are looking for anyone that wishes to get involved to help out. For more information on how to get involved in the Demon Army click here.

Volunteer recognition

Melbourne Football Club volunteers are recognised annually with certificates of appreciation and are invited to attend an annual ‘thank you’ function

The Gordon Lockhart Volunteers Award commenced in 2003 and is named after one of our Volunteers who worked tirelessly for the Club. 

The following are recipients of the Award since it’s inception.

2003: The Lockhart Family – Julie (Gordon’s wife)and his children Lauren, Beth and James

2004/2005: Ruth Fleming – general volunteering, Diane Mountney – Volunteers Committee and general volunteering

2006: Joan Lawson – The Western Demons, Western Australia

2007: Barry King – Football Department and general volunteering

2008: Ralph Laurie – Ballarat Demons, Dudley’s Raffle and general volunteering

2009: Joe Cardamone – Dudley’s Raffle co-ordinator and general volunteering

2010: Gary Marchant – Volunteers President, Statistician and general volunteering, Arthur Wilkinson – Special

2011: Lorraine Beaman – Cheersquad coordinator

2012: Reverend Cameron Butler

2013: Mike Anderson and Ralph Crapper - Premium Member room hosts

2014: Suzanne Considine - Demon Army and General Volunteering

2015: Kaye Hargreaves - General Volunteer 

2016: Sophie Galer & Ryan Sinclair 

2017: Karen Woodroofe 

2018: Barbara Box

2019: Rosalyn Jeffreys and Nancye Lonergan 

Volunteer Recognition

Melbourne Football Club volunteers are recognised annually with certificates of appreciation and are invited to attend an annual ‘thank you’ function.

Our 2019 Volunteers

The Melbourne Football Club would like to thank every one of its volunteers from the 2019 season. The volunteers listed below have all played a significant role at the club throughout the year:

John Anderson

Lachlan Anderson

Margaret Anderson

Mike Anderson

Gary Anderton

Donna Arancibia

Fraser Arancibia

Heath Arancibia

Jocelyn Arancibia

Luis Arancibia

Edward Armstrong

Janet Armstrong

Harry Atkins

Craig Baldwin

Brad Battin

Suzanne Batty

Ann-Maree Beitans

Mickey Bell

Liz Birnie

Adam Black

Geoff Black

Greg Blake

Tania Blake

Archer Bogojevic

Hazel Bogojevic

Pita Bogojevic

Barbara Box

Damien Brache

James Brettell

Martin Brettell

Trish Brettell

Neil Brown

Perrin Brown

Alec Campbell

Lily Campbell

Mia Campbell

Joe Cardamone

Daniel Carpenter

Rebekah Caruana

David Cawsey

Mitchell Cawsey

Liam Chambers

Laura Chubb

Heather Cole

Julian Collas-Smith

Alyce Collett

Cheryl Collier

Suzanne Considine

Henry Cook

Jackson Cook

Sherryl Cook

John Corin

Ralph Crapper

Kimberley Crusell

Geoff Davis

Russell Davis

Nigel Dawe

Mitchell Dean

Daniela Del Rosso

Claire Dennis

Geoff Dewar

Leanne Diez

Amanda Dobbin

Darren Dobbin

Christopher Dorn

Jennifer Dow

Shaun Dux

Kirsten Dwyer

Wayne Elliott

Iain Fisher

Kay Fisher

Greorge Fishlock

Ruth Fleming

Gemma Fluck

Alfred Freitag

Annette Freitag

Matthew Freitag

Pauline Fritsch

John Fryer

Renate Fryer

Danielle Gale

Sophie Galer

Adam Galletti

Mario Galletti

Jeff Gibbs

Leonie Gnieslaw

Maree Granger

Peter Granger

Julie Gray

Russell Gray

Amanda Grimsey

Kaye Hargreaves

Greg Harper

Ben Harrison

Gina Hartskeerl

Roly Hartskeerl

Dee Hayes

Emmet Healey

Janine Healey

Levi Healey

Katherine Heath

Cary Helenius

Shauna Hicks

Alex Hirschauer

Rhiannon Hirschauer

Mark Hocking

Tim Holland

Bernie Holtschke

Lorraine Holtschke

Amanda Horsburgh

Graham Hoult

Beryl Hubschmann

Caroline Hubschmann

Jamie Jackson

Belinda Jarvis

Rosalyn Jeffreys

Lyn Jewell

Debra Keane

Susan Kempson

Chase Kinash

Darcy Kinash

Barry King

Peter Kirkham

Helga Klausgraber

Coral Lake

Emma La Mari

Sylvia Latta

Joan Lawson

Archer Lee

Koby Lee

Bailey Legg

Beth Lockhart

James Lockhart

Julie Lockhart

Lauren Lockhart

Nancye Lonergan

Kelly Lucas

Casey Lynch

Craig Lynch

Gabi Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Geoff Magrin

Catherine Maiuto

Colin Malcolm

Martin Maloney

Gary Marchant

Leah Marchant

Rachel Markovics

Jackson Matthews

John Maughan

Kathy May

Craig MacFarlan

Felicity McFarlane

Steve McGuire

Amy McIntyre

Angus McKean

Marcus McLellan

Maria McLellan

James Merrill

Rachel Merrill

Ian Mills

Brendan Mitchell

Andrew Monro

Chris Monro

Jack Monro

Susan Monro

Taylah Monro

Cheryl Morton

Diane Mountney

David Mullins

Sharleen Munro

Flora Murdoch

Nicole Narduzzo

Jack Naylor

Diana (Dee) Neville

Connor Nolan

Matthew Nolan

Kay Noy

John Oska

Mathew Parker

Brad Parkinson

Emily Parkinson

Jacqui Parry

Peter Parsons

Anubhav Passi

Andrew Pettman

Graeme Pettman

Shirley Pettman

Alan Pilgrim

Michael Pinches

Emily Raymond

Hazelie Robinson

Steve Rosanove

Adrian Ruse

Nona Ruse

Sabina Ruse

Courtney Russell

Lachlan Russell

Thomas Russell

Brian Ryan

Karen Sanderson

John Schier

Anne Shellard

Gary Shmith

Giancarlo Siclari

Jennie Siede

Ryan Sinclair

Cheryl Slocombe

Brett Smith

Margaret Smith

Kylie Snell

Geoff Sowden

Alesha Sparrius

Marina Spiteri

David Storen

Troy Sumpton

Judith Tajthy

Debra Talbot

Darien Thompson

Rob Thompson

Trevor Thompson

James Thomson

Patricia Thorne

Rod Trevena

Sally Trevena

Graham Trigg

Janis Trigg

Adam Vail

Anthony Vella

Marcel Vermulst

John Vizard

Sharon Vizard

David von Stieglitz

Kylie Wallace

Lomond Wallish

Ken Whittle

Mark Wilkinson

Debbie Willder

Tori Williams

Mary Wityk

Peter Wolfe

Neville Woodberry

Karen Woodroofe

Leanne Woodward

Ian Wotherspoon