MELBOURNE is set to add three new faces to its list on Tuesday night, as it hits the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Draft.

Entering with picks No.41, 42 and 45 to their name, the Demons will be hoping to secure some young talent that will complement their side.

While there will be some nervous draft hopefuls, one girl who can sleep a bit easier is father-daughter selection, Georgia Campbell, who will be taken with one of Melbourne's picks.

This week’s event will be the sixth draft in the league’s history and the Dees have had some great success to date.

Revisit some of the club’s best picks across the years and learn the players’ stories below.


Pick No.25 – Lauren Pearce

Pick No.41 – Shelley Scott - Reception interrupts Scott's big moment

Pick No.73 – Lily Mithen

Pick No.134 – Sarah Lampard

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AFLW draft: Lily Mithen

Melbourne has selected Lily Mithen with its 10th pick (No.73)

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Pick No.6 – Eden Zanker


Pick No.6 – Tyla Hanks

Pick No.44 – Shelley Heath - Heath's draft shock

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AFLW Draft Wrap

Lily Mithen wraps up a big day at the 2018 AFLW Draft

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Pick No.54 – Jackie Parry

Pick No.72 – Brenna Tarrant

Pick No.77 – Gabby Colvin - Colvin’s fast start at Melbourne

Pick No.78 – Krstel Petrevski - From boarding schools to Semi Final debut


Pick No.5 – Alyssa Bannan - Celebrations on hold for Bannan, with exams on the way

Pick No.15 – Eliza McNamara

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A Dee's Day with Eliza McNamara

With exams done and dusted, Eliza McNamara takes you through the draftees photo shoot before training

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Pick No.17 – Maggie Caris - An elite combo for Caris

Pick No.35 – Megan Fitzsimon

Pick No.48 – Issy Simmons

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AFLW | Meet the Draftees

Melbourne's six new recruits jump on Zoom to give fans an insight into their football careers to date

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