LILY Mithen’s practice match against the Pies didn’t go to script – on a number of levels.

The day began with an Uber ride to the ground, and ended with her ankle in a moonboot.

“It was a very bad day, starting with losing my keys,” Mithen said on the Inside Melbourne podcast.

“We probably would have gone to the game together, Kate and I living together, but she had to go off because she was in rehab.

“Last thing to do before I get ready is literally pick up my keys from the key bowl and head out the front door – seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

“But when your keys aren’t in the key bowl, and nowhere else in the house, how else are you meant to get to the game?”

The 21-year-old was left stranded at home, in a hurry, and forced to find an alternative route to AAMI Park.

“I couldn’t find my keys for a very long time,” Mithen said.

“I found them probably four days later at the back of my t-shirt draw.

“So I don’t know if that was Kate stitching me up putting my keys somewhere unorthodox, but it was an Uber to the game because I seriously couldn’t find my car keys.”

And while she eventually discovered her keys, in the unlikeliest of places, how they got there will forever remain a mystery.

“I’m thinking the only logical thing was maybe they were with my clean t-shirt pile from the washing and I’ve put them – anyway I’ve got no idea,” Mithen said.

“I was late to the game … thank god my dad came and he could drive me home.

“I did my ankle, it was an awful day.

“We won though, it was the first practice match we’d ever won, so if there’s any positives to take out of it, it’s going to be a good omen for the season.”

To hear more of Mithen’s tales, listen to Episode 1 of the Inside Melbourne podcast below.

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