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VFL: Scott's footballing life

FOOTBALL isn’t just a passion for Angus Scott, it’s his life.

When the Casey Demons leader isn’t busy mixing it with the best in the VFL, he is off teaching others his craft.

“I’m a footy coach at a couple of schools – Hallam Secondary and Timbarra,” Scott told Melbourne Media.

“So footy is a big part of my life, it’s really enjoyable.”

While Scott found his passion running around on the field, he has since thrived in his coaching roles, and conceded this may be something to pursue in the future.

“It’s interesting, from doing footy coaching I’ve got an interest in teaching itself,” Scott said.

“Where I coach kids, you get to see kids improve heaps over time which is pretty rewarding.

“I like to think I see the game pretty well … so I’ll definitely look to coach after footy.”

But coaching has done more than just inspire Scott – it has enhanced his on-field performance for Casey as well.

“I definitely think coaching has helped my own game improve,” he said.

“Now there’s less focus on what I’ve been doing personally on the ground and more about others.”

Casey coach Jade Rawlings said the growth in Scott’s game has been evident as he continues to become a better player.

“I’ve seen a lot of improvement in Angus,” Rawlings told Melbourne Media.

“I think he’s gradually improved over the last two or three years, where he’s become a regular VFL player.

“He’s got a lot of really good traits which stand out on the footy field, and he’s starting to use those strengths to his advantage and the team’s advantage.

“I’ve seen him really take on board some areas of deficiency and applied those into his training over summer which I think are helping him now.”

At 176cm, Scott is a classy small forward, using his speed and agility to impact the contest.

He has kicked seven goals in the opening four matches of the season and been a consistent contributor for the Demons.

The talented 22-year-old came to Casey straight after completing the TAC Cup as a junior, and five years later, he is still pulling on the red and blue guernsey.

“I knew one of the coaches and from then on I built really good relationships with all the people at the club,” Scott said.

Scott admitted there has been some temptation to sway clubs in recent seasons with Frankston looming at one stage, but his decision to remain with the Demons was made easy.

“Knowing the boys and the way the program is run has gone a long way in being able to stay here,” he said.

“It’s a really good program, really professional, and I’ve had really good relationships with Plappy (Justin Plapp) and now Twig (Jade Rawlings).

“I just love playing footy here, it’s really enjoyable.”

Like many young VFL players, Scott still has the dream of taking the next step and getting on an AFL list, but for now he is thoroughly enjoying coming up against some of Victoria’s finest footballers.

“Being able to test yourself each week [is an attraction of the VFL],” Scott said.

“You can train under the same environment as AFL players, and play against them and test yourself, hopefully with aspirations to get there one day.

“That is most kids lifelong dream and that’s an end goal but for the meantime I’m just trying to enjoy my footy and play with a good bunch of boys. “

While Scott has thrived throughout his five seasons at Casey, he admits there’s one main driving factor for him and his teammates.

“We got close to winning a grand final (in 2016) and winning a premiership would be the best thing possible for me,” he said.

With football clearly the main focus in Scott’s life, he does have hobbies outside the sport to keep him entertained.

“I’m at uni doing commerce at Monash,” Scott said

“Slowly getting through my degree there with a couple of subjects a semester.

“Apart from that I just like catching up with mates, playing a bit of basketball and listening to music.”

But it’s Scott’s taste in music that may raise some eyebrows.

“I’m really on a bit of Kylie Minogue at the moment,” he said.

“In the gym we’ve been getting a bit of the Vengaboys going, but I’m more into techno – they’re the things I like about music the most.”

Scott’s self-confessed Kylie Minogue interest reflects his fun nature, as the vibrant character is often seen bouncing around in the rooms.

While he’s enjoying every second of his young playing career, Scott has set himself up for a long football life, whether that be on or off the field.