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Membership Drive 2015

2:30pm  Feb 25, 2015

Christian Petracca

5:04pm  Feb 17, 2015

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Social Media Snapshot: Melbourne heartland

Check out the coverage from yesterday's Heartland launch

12:50pm Feb 27, 2015

Melbourne returns to its heartland

Melbourne has started the process of reconnecting with its heartland

9:08pm Feb 26, 2015

Hopes for Howe pre-season return

Melbourne hopes Jeremy Howe will play some NAB Challenge games

7:00pm Feb 26, 2015


Melbourne aims for membership record

Melbourne is aiming to sign up 35,000 members before round one

2:53pm Feb 25, 2015


Stretch on a learning curve

Billy Stretch says his first pre-season is a learning experience

1:50pm Feb 25, 2015


Club statement: Jeff Garlett

The Club can confirm that Jeff Garlett was charged with drink driving in July of 2014. As part of this offence, Jeff was also charged with driving on a suspended licence

4:24pm Feb 24, 2015


McDonald all settled in at Melbourne

Oscar McDonald says he’s settled into life at Melbourne

11:01am Feb 24, 2015


Photo gallery: Intra-club match

Check out the best photos form Melbourne's Intra-club on Thursday afternoon

8:33pm Feb 19, 2015


Salem relishes half-back opportunity

Christian Salem impresses in a new half-back role

7:50pm Feb 19, 2015


Hogan, Garlett shine in intra-club

Hogan, Garlett shine in intra-club

6:44pm Feb 19, 2015


Live coverage: Intra-club

Live coverage: Intra-club

2:34pm Feb 19, 2015


Consistency the key for Jetta in 2015

Neville Jetta says he’s keen to build on his breakout 2014 season

10:23am Feb 19, 2015


Petracca 'upbeat' despite season ending

Christian Petracca is determined to remain "upbeat" despite the fact he will have a season-ending knee reconstruction next Tuesday

6:07pm Feb 17, 2015


Petracca determined to stay positive

Christian Petracca says he’s taking an upbeat approach to injury

6:02pm Feb 17, 2015

Kennedy-Harris signs new contract

Jay Kennedy-Harris has locked in a new deal with Melbourne

9:30pm Feb 16, 2015

Petracca ‘devastated’ by injury: Mahoney

Josh Mahoney says Christian Petracca is shattered by his injury

4:44pm Feb 16, 2015



Melbourne will play an intra-club match on Thursday

4:23pm Feb 16, 2015

Petracca suffers serious knee injury

Christian Petracca will miss the 2015 season with an injured ACL

2:28pm Feb 16, 2015

Community camp diary: day two

Matt Burgan takes a look at the second day of the community camp

10:30pm Feb 13, 2015


Women’s team to play twice in 2015

There will be two AFL women’s exhibition matches in 2015

11:47am Feb 13, 2015