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The China Diaries - Day 6

After a stunning river cruise and wonderful night at Mint, a later start was in order.

But a busy day was still on the cards.

At 11am, the group headed to the Shanghai World Expo, which was an extraordinary production. The sheer size and volume of the event was remarkable.

The group visited three pavilions: Australia, Brazil and United States of America.

Big Maxy Walker - such a loveable and likeable character - surpassed Cameron Schwab as the person most likely to take a photo on tour!

He was carrying around two cameras - one with a lens a newspaper snapper would've been proud of - as he soaked in the Expo atmosphere.

When the club visited the Australian pavilion, it broke out in song, belting out 'It's a Grand Old Flag'.

The group also witnessed a quirky act in the Australian pavilion.

It featured two performers in scuba diving gear - one wearing a Melbourne guernsey and the other in a Brisbane Lions jumper - connected to high wires. They rotated, flipped and dived in front of a large screen of the Great Barrier Reef, all while an umpire was at ground level, blowing her whistle. As the act continued, she was grabbed by the Lion diver!

Not something you'd think of every day, but there you go!

Some visual treats were also part of the Australian, Brazil and USA pavilions.

At 3.30pm, the group headed back to the Le Meridien Hotel.

From 4.30pm, it was free time.

Many chose to unwind and take in an afternoon nap, while others soaked up the Shanghai streets.

Some shopping, coffees and meals at restaurants were experienced, with most enjoying a relaxing night in.