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2018 Melbourne list … so far

HERE is Melbourne’s list for 2018 ... so far. This will be finalised at the end of November, after the completion of the drafting period.

1. Balic, Harley
2. Brayshaw, Angus
3. Bugg, Tomas
4. Filipovic, Lochie (category A rookie)
5. Frost, Sam
6. Garlett, Jeff
7. Gawn, Max
8. Hannan, Mitch
9. Harmes, James
10. Hibberd, Michael
11. Hogan, Jesse
12. Hunt, Jayden
13. Jetta, Neville
14. Johnstone, Dion
15. Jones, Nathan
16. Keilty, Declan (category A rookie)
17. Kennedy-Harris, Jay
18. Kent, Dean
19. King, Mitch
20. Lever, Jake
21. Lewis, Jordan
22. Maynard, Corey (category A rookie)
23. McDonald, Oscar
24. McDonald, Tom
25. McKenna, Pat
26. Melksham, Jake
27. Neal-Bullen, Alex
28. Oliver, Clayton
29. Pedersen, Cameron
30. Petracca, Christian
31. Salem, Christian
32. Smith, Joel
33. Smith, Tim (category A rookie)
34. Stretch, Billy
35. Tyson, Dom
36. vandenBerg, Aaron
37. Vince, Bernie
38. Viney, Jack
39. Wagner, Josh
40. Weideman, Sam
41. TBC (Selection No.29 – NAB AFL Draft)
42. TBC (Selection No.31 – NAB AFL Draft)
43. TBC (Selection No.36 – NAB AFL Draft)
44. TBC (Selection No.47 – NAB AFL Draft)

NAB AFL Trade Period: Harley Barlic (Fremantle), Jake Lever (Adelaide Crows)
Note: Joel Smith has been elevated to the senior list, after being a category B rookie in 2017. Corey Maynard has been elevated to a category A rookie, after being a category B rookie in 2017. 

Retired: Colin Garland, Heritier Lumumba
NAB AFL Trade Period: Jack Watts (Port Adelaide)
Delisted: Liam Hulett, Ben Kennedy, Jake Spencer, Jack Trengove, Mitch White (rookie)