LIKE anything in footy, when it comes to the Trade Period, you win some and you lose some.

That’s a fair statement to use when reflecting on Melbourne’s history in post-season deals with opposition teams.

And while looking at individual trades can be misleading, as the clubs review their overall performance as a ‘net result’ after each Trade Period, we’re going to pick the moves apart anyway.

From exchanges of big names to top draft picks, take a look at how some of the Dees’ past trades have played out, and yes, things get messy.

The Lever movement


Melbourne traded Pick 10, its 2018 First Round Pick and its 2018 Fourth Round pick to Adelaide for Jake Lever, Pick 35 and its 2018 Third Round Pick.

With Pick 35 (pushed back to Pick 37 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Harrison Petty.

With Pick 10 (on-traded), Carlton selected Lochie O’Brien.


Melbourne on-traded Adelaide’s Third Round Pick, plus Pick 36 to St Kilda for Pick 28.

With Pick 28 (pushed back to Pick 33 during the Draft), Melbourne selected James Jordon.

With Melbourne’s First Round Pick (Pick 19 – on-traded by Adelaide), Carlton selected Liam Stocker.

With Pick 36 (pushed back to Pick 41 during the Draft), St Kilda selected Jack Bytel.

With Adelaide’s Third Round Pick (Pick 47), St Kilda selected Matthew Parker.

With Melbourne’s Fourth Round Pick (Pick 67 – on-traded by Adelaide), St Kilda selected Robbie Young.

IN: Jake Lever, Harrison Petty and James Jordon

OUT: Lochie O’Brien, Liam Stocker, Jack Bytel, Matthew Parker and Robbie Young

The Hogan deal


Melbourne traded Dean Kent to St Kilda for Pick 65.

Melbourne traded Jesse Hogan and Pick 65 (for Kent) to Fremantle for Pick 6 and Pick 23.

Melbourne traded Pick 6 (for Hogan) to Gold Coast for Steven May and Kade Kolodjashnij.

With Pick 23 (pushed back to Pick 27 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Tom Sparrow.

IN: Steven May, Kade Kolodjashnij and Tom Sparrow

OUT: Dean Kent and Jesse Hogan

All involved with Frost


Melbourne traded Pick 23 to GWS for Sam Frost, Pick 40 and Pick 53.

With Pick 23, GWS selected Pat McKenna (who ended up at Melbourne in 2016).

With Pick 40, Melbourne selected Alex Neal-Bullen.

With Pick 53, Melbourne selected Oscar McDonald.


Melbourne traded Sam Frost, Pick 42, Pick 61 and its 2020 Fourth Round Pick to Hawthorn for Pick 50 and its 2020 Second Round Pick.

Melbourne traded Pick 26, Pick 50 (from Hawthorn) and its 2020 First Round Pick to North Melbourne for Pick 8.

Melbourne traded Pick 8 to Fremantle for Pick 10, Pick 28 and Carlton’s 2020 Fourth Round Pick.

With Pick 10 (pushed back to Pick 12 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Kysaiah Pickett.

With Pick 28 (pushed back to Pick 32 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Trent Rivers.

With Pick 26 (pushed back to Pick 30 during the Draft and on-traded), Essendon selected Harrison Jones.

With Pick 42 (pushed back to Pick 46 during the Draft and on-traded), Richmond selected Hugo Ralphsmith.

With Pick 61 (pushed back to Pick 63 during the Draft and on-traded), Essendon selected Lachlan Johnson.

IN: Alex Neal-Bullen, Oscar McDonald, Kysaiah Pickett, Trent Rivers, 2020 Pick 23 and 2020 Pick 63

OUT: Pat McKenna, Harrison Jones, Hugo Ralphsmith, Lachlan Johnson, 2020 Pick 9 and 2020 Pick 65

Landing Hibberd


Melbourne traded Pick 29 and Pick 68 to Essendon for Michael Hibberd and Pick 59

Melbourne on-traded Pick 59 and Pick 57 to GWS for Pat McKenna, Pick 51 and Pick 69.

Melbourne on-traded Pick 51 and Lynden Dunn to Collingwood for Pick 47.

With Pick 29 (pushed back to Pick 31 during the Draft), Essendon selected Josh Begley.

With Pick 47 (brought forward to Pick 46 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Mitch Hannan.

With Pick 68 (brought forward to Pick 63 during the Draft), Essendon selected Dylan Clarke.

With Pick 69 (brought forward to Pick 64 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Dion Johnstone.

IN: Michael Hibberd, Mitch Hannan, Pat McKenna and Dion Johnstone

OUT: Lynden Dunn, Josh Begley and Dylan Clarke

Making Pickett a Demon


Melbourne traded Pick 28, Pick 44 and Pick 60 to Port Adelaide for Byron Pickett, Pick 54 and Pick 62.

With Pick 54 (brought forward to Pick 53 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Simon Buckley.

With Pick 62 (brought forward to Pick 60 during the Draft), Melbourne selected Clint Bartram.

With Pick 28 (on-traded), North Melbourne selected Matt Riggio.

With Pick 44, Port Adelaide selected Alipate Carlile.

With Pick 60 (brought forward to Pick 58 during the Draft), Port Adelaide selected Hugh Minson.

IN: Byron Pickett, Simon Buckley and Clint Bartram

OUT: Matt Riggio, Alipate Carlile and Hugh Minson

The bonus with White


Melbourne traded Pick 2 and Pick 18 to Fremantle for Jeff White and Pick 22.

With Pick 22, Melbourne selected Troy Longmuir.

With Pick 2 (on-traded), Richmond selected Brad Ottens.

With Pick 18 (on-traded), Western Bulldogs selected Mark Alvey.


Melbourne traded Troy Longmuir to Fremantle for Pick 19 and Pick 63.

With Pick 19, Melbourne selected Brad Green.

With Pick 63, Melbourne selected Shannon O’Brien.

IN: Jeff White, Brad Green, Shannon O’Brien

OUT: Brad Ottens and Mark Alvey