A MOVE to a hub is imminent for the Dees.

And while it will undoubtedly be a challenge, it’s one Simon Goodwin is ready to embrace.

“We’re up for anything,” Goodwin said on Thursday morning.

“We just want to play footy.

“It’s a privilege to play the game and we haven’t had a lot of continuity in our season so far, so wherever we’re taken, wherever we may go, we’re up for that challenge and we look forward to it.”

For many, the move interstate will be full of excitement, but others – particularly those with young families – will have some difficult decisions to make.

“At this stage we haven’t had any concerns raised by our playing group,” Goodwin said.

“We’ll continue to talk to them as it gets closer and when we find out where we’re going.

“Clearly there’ll be circumstances and individuals that the club will try and really prioritise, and we know the AFL and the clubs are working really hard to not only look after the players but look after the families as well.

“We’ll cross that when we come to it, but collectively as a club, we want to play the game, we want to do our best and really respect what the game’s giving us.

“We get the opportunity to play and I think we have a responsibility to really service the game and play it the best way we can anywhere in Australia.”

On Wednesday night, a number of players and staff across Victoria were forced to pack up their bags and depart their homes due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

But luckily for the Demons, they didn’t have anyone in those hotspot regions.

“We’re pretty fortunate in that space that we didn’t have anyone that was affected,” Goodwin said.

“But clearly it’s a concern that there are people that are being affected and are having to move quite quickly.

“But once again, that’s just what the situation requires at the moment and I’m sure everyone’s very adaptable and flexible as we’ve seen.”

As it stands, Melbourne is supposed to play Fremantle at Metricon Stadium in Round 6, but that won’t happen.

At this stage, Goodwin isn’t sure where his side will be in seven days’ time.

“I think anything’s possible,” he said.

“We’ve been told [we will get] a week’s notice [before moving], but I think everyone knows this thing’s moving so quickly that we’ll just deal with what comes our way.

“If it’s three days it’s three days, if it’s five it’s five, if it’s a week it’s a week.

“We don’t know where we’re playing next week or what’s going on.

“I’m sure we’ll get informed at the right time and we’re just ready for anything.

“We just want to play games of footy.

“We haven’t played two games in a row yet this season, so we’re looking forward to that this weekend.”