STATS don’t lie, or so they say.

Sure, there is more to a game of footy than pure numbers, but there are also some facts that paint a pretty accurate picture.

Here are some of the figures which helped shape Melbourne’s Round 4 loss to Geelong.

In the middle


Gawn: 33 | Fort: 19


Melbourne: 32 | Geelong: 23

Contested possessions:

Melbourne: 115 | Geelong: 108

If anything, the Demons had the edge around the stoppages.

Benefitting from Max Gawn’s tap-work, Melbourne had first use of the ball to drive it forward, but that’s when things broke down.

Going forward

Inside 50s

Melbourne: 46 | Geelong: 38

Inside 50 efficiency:

Melbourne: 33% | Geelong: 39%

Marks inside 50:

Melbourne: 6 | Geelong: 9

It’s fair to say neither side attacked well - there were only 13 goals kicked for the game - but Melbourne’s efficiency heading inside 50 was a major issue once again.

With ample opportunities, the Dees struggled to hit the scoreboard and failed to generate enough set shots on goal. 

Keepings off

Uncontested marks:

Melbourne: 46 | Geelong: 105

Time in possession:

Melbourne: 37% | Geelong: 47%


Melbourne: 152 | Geelong: 209

Disposal efficiency:

Melbourne: 63% | Geelong: 75%

When the Cats won the ball, the Dees simply couldn’t get it back.

It made for ugly viewing, but Geelong was patient, chipping it around and denying Melbourne the chance to create any run in the game. 

Individual efforts

Adam Tomlinson:

Metres gained: 503 (game-high)

Trent Rivers:

Intercept possessions: 6 (team-high)

Jake Lever:

Time on ground: 100%

Jack Viney’s last quarter:

Inside 50s: 6 (game-high)

Metres gained: 291