FOUR Demon girls have had a particularly tough start to 2020.

Shae Sloane, Katherine Smith, Ainslie Kemp and Maddy Guerin have all ruptured their ACL’s over the past three months, ruling them out for the entirety of the season.

And while the rehab group can be a pretty dark place at times, fortunately, these girls have had each other to lean on.

“We’ve made a boxing club which has been unreal,” Smith said on the club’s Inside Melbourne podcast.

“It’s a bit of fun, get a bit of frustration out, but also do a bit of fitness and it’s just good having other people who are going through something similar.

“I think I’ve asked Sloaney that many questions because she’s been through it before and I had no idea what it was like.

“Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, but you’ve always got someone there.”

Smith and Sloane have ridden every bump together throughout the early stages of their recovery, which is refreshing for the latter who was dealt the same blow 10 months earlier.

“It’s so different to last year as well,” Sloane said.

“I was the only injured player on the list for the whole season, which was a good thing for our list, but probably a pretty lonely place for me to be I suppose.

“This year, having people there to bounce off has been really fortunate.

“And I think because Smitty’s about a month ahead of me it’s kind of nice seeing where she’s at.

“You go, oh yeah I forget that I can get to that point over the next two to three weeks.

“It’s good to have people around but you also wish that they weren’t in this situation at the same time because you know that it is a pretty long road back to get back.

“Wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.”

Tune into Episode 6 of Inside Melbourne as the pair delve into their respective injuries.

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Inside Melbourne | Shae Sloane and Katherine Smith

In Episode 6 of Inside Melbourne, Ben Gibson and Lily Mithen are joined by Shae Sloane and Katherine Smith, as the girls discuss ACL injuries, a talking point in the AFLW competition.

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