JACK Watts says Melbourne’s opening round win was the best feeling he’s had since he’s been at the club.

Watts said the win was “what footy’s about” and that the “boys put in a big effort” against the Gold Coast Suns at the MCG on Saturday, which resulted in a 26-point victory.

“It was the best feeling I’ve had playing football at this footy club since I’ve been here – just the team atmosphere and spirit – we’ve worked a lot of that,” he told Dee TV.

“It’s a different feeling and it’s what footy is meant to be like.

“We probably haven’t had that [feeling] for a long time and that’s what we’ve got to keep working on … winning the contest, tackling and putting every effort you can into helping out your teammate … it was a great feeling.”

Watts said the win will give the team belief in what it’s been practicing over the pre-season.

“When things aren’t going well, which I’m sure at some point during the year [will happen] and it’s not going to work out perfectly for us – then we’ve got to trust what we’re doing, trust the game plan, trust our role and trust each other,” he said.

“We’ve shown today that it works and I think that’s probably the biggest thing – that belief factor.

“Everyone is saying Gold Coast is going to play finals – they’re a good side and they’ve got a lot of talent – so it’s great to show that we can make it with those teams.”

Watts, who kicked three goals, including a brilliant set-shot snap from the boundary – in a pressurised last quarter – said he had the confidence to kick the goal.

“I was looking inside and Domer (Dom Tyson) was there – he always loves a goal,” he said.

“In the end, I was feeling good and feeling confident. There was a slight little breeze just pushing into the goals, so I thought I’d just put it out there and through she went, so it was a pretty good feeling.”

Watts said the players will gain plenty of confidence from their first-up win.

“We’ve been working super hard over the last three pre-seasons – just working our arses off and trying to create that game plan,” he said.

“Roosy (Paul Roos) came in and changed it a fair bit [compared to] the last couple of years – so [the game plan has] been changing and changing and changing.

“But to have that continuity coming into this year and the same coaching staff, with the same expectations – it really showed out there today, so it was a pretty special feeling.”