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Pocket Profile: Max Gawn

Photo: Daniel Carson

AFL Record: 2018 Player Profiles

Name: Max Gawn

Nickname: Dougy

Grand Final – day, twilight or night: Day

Bounce – yes or no: Yes, conversation done.

Best shot at your club: Tom McDonald

Most underrated AFL player: Stefan Martin

My coach often says … Lessons are learned, trophies are earned

Best advice you’ve received: Work like a captain, play like a pirate

Greatest footy moment before the AFL: Matthew Richardson turning me down for an autograph

Favourite AFLW player: Lily Mithen

Least-preferred teammate on road trips and why: Jordan Lewis – he has to Facetime three kids for 30 mins each, so that’s an hour and a half without being silent.

Funniest teammate: Angus Brayshaw – how can you not laugh when you look at him

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL fantasy: Aaron vandenBerg – he is always so cheap

If you could enter a teammate for My Kitchen Rules, who would it be and why: Michael Hibberd – loves his food

Team barracked for as a kid: All Blacks

Most inspiring movie: New York Minute

Best concert attended: McKinnon High School Senior Stage Band

Three apps you can’t live without: Flight Radar, Le Tour de France Tracker, Westpac

Instragram or Twitter: Twitter – less socialites

Favourite café: Olive at Loch

And what do you order: Bacon and egg pie

Hidden talent: Hopscotch

Your passions or interests outside footy: Listening to Jay Kennedy Harris’ stories

Life motto: A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor – Lynden Dunn

Your best traits are: Tall, serve volleyer

Do you have any pets: Border collie

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Gracie Lou Freebush – Miss Congeniality

Favourite holiday spot: Greymouth, New Zealand

Best piece of advice your mum gave you: Your clothes will shrink in the dryer