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Losses provide chance to learn: Lewis

It would be stupid to put this game away and not use it as a learning tool and a motivational tool to attack the second half of the season
Jordan Lewis

JORDAN Lewis says Melbourne can learn a lot from its disappointing 42-point loss to Collingwood on Queen’s Birthday.

The Demons were outplayed from the beginning, conceding five of the first six goals of the match.

“We didn’t play our best football and we didn’t weather the storm early,” Lewis told Melbourne Media.

“They were really dominant.

“So we’ll look back at the game and no doubt review that 20 minutes quite harshly.”

But despite the frustration amongst the group following the underwhelming performance, Lewis says every loss provides an opportunity to improve.

“It would be stupid to put this game away and not use it as a learning tool and a motivational tool to attack the second half of the season,” he said.

While losing isn’t ideal, it is a harsh reality when playing sport.

“We would like not to have losses, but certainly you don’t learn much from winning,” Lewis said.

“It’s the losses that hurt and that you review that you really learn from.”

The four-time premiership player knows what it takes to succeed and understands disappointing defeats are part of the journey.

“When we were dominant at Hawthorn we had 10 goal losses coming into finals, so they are great learning tools,” Lewis said.

“It’s unfortunate we didn’t play well; we want to play well every week.

“But we use this week to learn and understand that we need to play better in big games and we need to play better more consistently over four quarters.”

The Demons will have a great opportunity to reflect on what went wrong against Collingwood as they have the bye in round 13.

“As a playing group unfortunately we’ve got 10 days to back-up again, so we’ve got time to think about it, but we’ll review it and move on,” Lewis said.

“We’ll use it to get away and refresh the body and refresh the mind.

“We understand that our first half of the season has been quite consistent – we’re eight (wins) and four (losses).

“So we’ve put ourselves in a really good position to attack the second half [of the year].”

While Melbourne was undoubtedly flat on Monday, Lewis gave the Magpies credit for how they approached the match.

“Collingwood defended really well,” he said.

“They blocked up the corridor which forced us down the line a lot.”

As a result of the Magpies tactics, the Demons conceded 21 more inside 50’s, depriving them of an opportunity to do some serious damage on the scoreboard.

“Our inside 50 numbers weren’t as high, but in saying that when we moved the ball forward quickly we actually got some good shots at goal and we were quite efficient,” Lewis said.

“But our ball movement at times was a little bit slower than we would’ve liked.”

Collingwood were able to defend well, create turnovers and score freely throughout the match, ultimately shaping the result.

“They isolated their forwards, (Mason) Cox had a really good day and a few of their other forwards pitched in as well, so it wasn’t a great day defensively from us,” Lewis said.

“They were dominant around the midfield, our defenders were out of play and our forwards were out of play, so there’s learnings to come from every line.”