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VFL R9 & VFLW R5 teams announced

THE CASEY Demons have announced their VFL and VFLW teams for this weekend's double-header against Williamstown. 

The VFLW team will be looking for their first win of the season and have added speedster Aliesha Newman to the side. Melanie Hogg, Lucy Rutter have also been added while Brooke Struylaart has been included as the 23rd player.

Williamstown are coming off a win after opening the season with three losses.

VFLW round five
Williamstown v Casey Demons
Sunday June 3, 11.30am 
Williamstown Football Ground

VFLW team
B: 12. Georgia McLean, 27. Amy Harrison, 16. Casey Sheriff
HB: 34. Darcy Guttridge, 11. Laura Duryea, 2. Aliesha Newman
C: 4. Chantel Emonson, 21. Harriet Cordner, 25. Maddie Shevlin
HF: 3. Ruby Clayton, 29. Eden Zanker, 1. Rebecca Guglielmino
F: 22. Kasey Guttridge, 18. Kalia. Bentvelzen, 15. Sophie Phillips
R: 14. Taryn Orgill, 10. Kate Hore, 5. Stacey Poke
Int: 9. Alicia Johnson, 37. Lorianne Lowerson, 6. Amanda McDonough, 8. Marlee Tatham

Emg: 48. Sally Fyfield, 47. Melanie Hogg, 30. Amy Marshall, 33. Lucy Rutter
23rd player: 49. Brooke Struylaart

In: M. Hogg, A. Newman, L. Rutter, B. Struylaart
Out: Jordyn Allen, Naomi Fullwood

Following the women's match, the men's side will be looking to continue their recent stellar form against the Seagulls.

The Demons currently sit third on the ladder - one win above Williamstown who are currently sixth. 

Melbourne's recent patch of form  means spots are tough to come by in the AFL side and Casey will benefit once again from the inclusion of players such as Cam Pedersen, Jeff Garlett and Tom Bugg.

VFL round nine
Williamstown v Casey Demons
Sunday June 3, 2.00pm
Williamstown Football Ground

VFL team
B: 42. Josh Wagner, 45. Declan Keilty, 55. Harry Petty
HB: 44. Joel Smith, 17. Sam Frost, 29. Jayden Hunt
C: 37. Dion Johnstone, 12. Tom Bugg, 56. Oskar Baker
HF: 18. Jay Lockhart, 21. Cam Pedersen, 36. Jeff Garlett
F: 54. Harley Balic, 26. Sam Weideman, 33. Jay Kennedy Harris
R: 34. Mitch King, 71. Dom Tyson, 15. Billy Stretch
Int: 47. Lochie Filipovic, 32. Jaxon Briggs, 13. Corey Wagner, 1. Jack Hutchins, 22. Goy Lok, 27. Angus Scott, 14. Mitch Lewis, 6. James Munro.

23rd player: 35. Aidan Quigley