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Round three Casey Scorpions teams

ROUND 3 Casey teams

“ESSENDON has one win and one loss, and we’re playing on the same day as our senior team plays Fremantle. The Bombers have had a bit of an interrupted pre-season, but they’re still one of the more challenging teams in the VFL. They’re got a very strong list and they play a real intense style of footy, so we see this weekend as another really strong opportunity to play against a quality VFL team. For our players, it’s another challenge, which is exciting for them.” – Casey coach Justin Plapp.

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Essendon v Casey Scorpions, Windy Hill, Sunday May 3, 12pm

B: Paul Pattison, Jack Grimes, Evan Panozza

HB: Matt Jones, Jack Hutchins, Dean Terlich

C: Jimmy Toumpas, Jordie McKenzie, Billy Stretch

HF: Rohan Bail, Jack Fitzpatrick, Shannon Byrnes

F: Will Petropoulos, Max Gawn, Cameron Pedersen

Foll: Jake Spencer, James Harmes, Aidan Riley

I/C (from): Mitch Gent, Alex Neal-Bullen, Tim Smith, Sean Corrigan, Lucas Walmsley, Ed Morris, James Munro, Jordan Moncrieff, Oscar McDonald, Nathaniel Paredes, Angus Scott, Tom Muir, Bryce Rutherford

Melbourne-listed players: Jack Grimes, Matt Jones, Dean Terlich, Jimmy Toumpas, Jordie McKenzie, Billy Stretch, Rohan Bail, Jack Fitzpatrick, Max Gawn, Cameron Pedersen, Jake Spencer, James Harmes, Aidan Riley, Alex Neal-Bullen, Oscar McDonald