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Fred Fanning

Fanning made an impact early on in his career, twice kicking over 100 goals in a season with the Reserves in 1938 and 1939.  In 1939, the Reserves won the flag, thanks in no small part to Fanning’s achievements.

The standard length of a kick for goal for Fanning was 60 metres, and he was known to kick the ball as far as 105 metres.  Unsurprisingly, he led the VFL goal kicking in 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1947.

Having played 99 consecutive games during his career, Fanning only missed out on reaching 100 because of having the flu.

Fanning was Best and Fairest in 1945, but made his mark 60 years ago this round, setting the record for the most goals ever kicked by an individual senior V/AFL player in a single game.  It was then that Fanning kicked the all-time high of 18.1 in Round 19, 1947 – the final home and away game for the season - against St Kilda at the Junction Oval.  He kicked the first 13 straight, then a point, then five more goals to complete the game.

Fanning then left the game at the height of his powers, aged 25, to coach Hamilton.  This means that his last VFL game was the one in which he kicked 18.1.  A select handful have approached this achievement since