Let's take a look at Bailey Laurie's 2021...

No. VFL games: 2
Disposals - 11.5 avg.
Tackles - 3 avg.

Season Overview:
Laurie was drafted to the Dees with Pick 22 at the end of last year and had a strong start to 2021 with a positive pre-season.  

The 19-year-old, who's known for his agility and speed, was unfortunately struck down with injury on two occasions throughout the season. He was firstly involved in an unlucky training collision which saw him sit on the sidelines for nearly nine weeks due to a fractured cheekbone. After a return to play in the VFL, Laurie then fractured his collarbone and remained on the sidelines for a further four weeks. This, combined with the COVID-19 restrictions hindering the VFL season, saw Laurie play just two games in the VFL.  

While Laurie didn't have much luck on the field, he will have benefitted from being around the team success and learning from his senior teammates in his first year at the top level.