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Information for teachers

‘Every Heart Beats True’ is a new and exciting educational program designed to encourage and inspire students to take positive action to enhance their own health and wellbeing.

The program links to the Australian Curriculum’s Health and Physical Education strand and has been carefully designed to support currently existing health and wellbeing programs in schools.

It uses AFL and AFLW players from the Melbourne Football Club as role models to deliver positive messages around health and wellbeing.

In it’s pilot year, the program will be delivered to students in Years 3 and 4 and will focus on the importance of being active, eating well and the benefits of a daily gratitude practice.

Register your school to be part of ‘Every Heart Beats True’ and you will receive:

  • The opportunity to participate in an ‘Every Heart Beats True’ session at your school with players from the Melbourne Football Club. Sessions will be focused on either healthy eating or gratitude and combined with a football clinic.
  • Access to online content to compliment both your school visit and your school’s own health and wellbeing programs
  • Wellbeing packs for each student in Years 3 and 4 – including a Melbourne Football Club branded gratitude journal (‘My Heart Beats True’ journal), designed to help create a positive sense of wellbeing
  • An invitation from the Melbourne Football Club to attend our annual ‘Every Heart Beats True’ Gala Day held at the MCG, featuring players from the Melbourne Football Club and a range of exciting and interactive activities related to health and wellbeing

Register your school as an ‘Every Heart Beats True’ school  HERE.

If you have any further questions about the program, please contact Olivia Toms on 9652 1179 or email

Activities for the classroom

Make a Gratitude Jar

We hope that your students are loving using their ‘My Heart Beats True’ gratitude journals at school! A gratitude jar for your classroom is another great way to help children begin to develop a thankful heart.

What to do:

  1. Place a jar in a central location in your classroom.
  2. Place some pieces of paper (or copy and cut up the ones that we have created for you) and a pen next to it.
  3. When your students think of something that they are grateful for, have them write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.
  4. Choose a certain time each week (for example, Friday morning) to empty the jar and read all the thankful thoughts together as a class.

Download the printable resources for the activity HERE.

Guess the fruit and veg

This is a great opportunity for kids to get familiar with their fruit and vegetables (Important: please check student allergies before selecting fruit and vegetables for this activity)

You will need:

  • A non-transparent bag
  • A blindfold
  • A selection of fruit and vegetables

What to do:

  1. Place a selection of fruit and vegetables in a bag.
  2. Choose a student and place a blindfold over their eyes
  3. The student must try and guess what the food is by feeling, smelling and even eating it!