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Melbourne Football Club

Joe Di Conza

The Foundation gives me the chance to show my passion for the Club I love.

The Demons will always run deep in my blood and I bleed red and blue. I have been a member for 27 years and a player sponsor for 10 years.

I am proud to be a Foundation Hero because the late Jimmy Stynes started it, he is this clubs true hero and I want to continue his legacy and help drive the list to 1000 so much so that I also signed up my three boys, Pat 14, Michael 13 and Anthony who's 10 and I believe he is the youngest foundation hero so far.

I encourage any members to be a foundation hero so we can made this Club a great and powerful again. Demons forever.

Joe Di Conza #409
Pat Di Conza #484
Michael Di Conza #485
Anthony Di Conza #486

Anton Gaudry

“Foundation Heroes gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to Melbourne.

I am a player sponsor and this provides a great opportunity for my family and I to interact personally with the players.

Foundation Heroes takes my involvement with the Club to another level as I join some 500 other passionate Melbourne supporters.

The Club recognises and appreciates our financial support with special Foundation Hero events and opportunities. Russell Robertson ensures every Hero is exactly that, a Hero of the Club.

I would encourage any member able to offer support to join Foundation Heroes. It is a unique opportunity to make the "Grand Old Flag" even grander in the years to come.”

Anton Gaudry FH#468


"Being a Foundation Hero has provided me with much pleasure and enjoyment since the first Debt Demolition evening held in 2008, I have been proud to be able to assist the club since.

My wife Helen also became a Foundation Hero several years later at a memorable function at the MCG.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to make a meaningful contribution to the club I love and look forward to being able to enjoy the clubs' success in the coming years.

I urge all Demons supporters to become Foundations Heroes to ensure the financial security of the club into the future. GO DEES!"

Henry Otto FH#51
Helen Otto FH#222


“My husband and I had been involved with the Club for many years as player sponsors and as a host family for players.

When my husband died almost three years ago I wanted to leave a legacy in his honour – Foundation Heroes was a perfect fit. I had not been actively involved in the Foundation Heroes’ engagement opportunities up until the Foundation Heroes Annual event in August 2013 and it was undoubtedly the best night out I have had since my husband died.

I had a ball! I have been a Melbourne supporter since I was five years old and I will always support the Club. This love for the Club led me to becoming a Foundation Hero, along with my late husband and my eldest son. I would recommend to anyone that loves the Club to become a Foundation Hero – an excellent way contribute to the Club’s success both on and off the field.”

Barrie Ravell (dec) FH#389
Antony Broome FH#464
Joan Ravell FH#472