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Practice match loss for women's team

Melbourne's women's team has lost its practice match to Carlton at Ikon Park

6:12pm  Jan 21, 2017

How the first-year players are faring looks at the recruits for each club

6:09pm  Jan 21, 2017

AFL still in women's prizemoney talks

The AFL is yet to decide if prizemoney will be in the AFLW

6:01pm  Jan 21, 2017

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AFLW: Mel Hickey post-match

1:27pm  Jan 21, 2017

McCartney on pre-season: Part Two

12:45pm  Jan 12, 2017

Jones on Lewis

8:20pm  Jan 11, 2017



Leaders named for women’s team

Melbourne has named Pearce, Hickey and O’Dea as its leaders

7:30am Jan 15, 2017


Photo gallery: Tuesday, January 10

Check out the best photos from Tuesday night's AFLW training session

8:05pm Jan 10, 2017


Training set to be doubled up

Melbourne aims to run mixed training sessions for the women's and men's competitions

4:06pm Jan 8, 2017


AFLW update: Randall, Scott and Smith

Mick Stinear provides an update Randall, Scott and Smith

8:23am Jan 5, 2017


AFLW update: DPearce, LPearce & Phillips

Mick Stinear provides an update D.Pearce, L.Pearce & Phillips

10:03am Jan 4, 2017


AFLW update: O'Dea, Patterson & Paxman

Mick Stinear provides an update O'Dea, Patterson & Paxman

8:01am Jan 3, 2017


AFLW update: Mifsud, Mithen and Newman

Mick Stinear provides an update on Mifsud, Mithen and Newman 

8:00am Jan 2, 2017


AFLW update: Jolly, Kemp and Lampard

Mick Stinear provides an update on Jolly, Kemp and Lampard

9:02am Jan 1, 2017


AFLW update: Grierson, Hickey & Humphries

Mick Stinear provides an update on Grierson, Hickey & Humphries

9:38am Dec 31, 2016


AFLW update: De Bortoli, Downie and Duryea

Mick Stinear provides an update on De Bortoli, Downie and Duryea

8:43am Dec 30, 2016


AFLW update: Clifford, Cordner and Cranston

Mick Stinear provides an update on Clifford, Cordner and Cranston

9:08am Dec 29, 2016

AFLW: Debbie Lee

11:30pm Nov 22, 2016

AFLW: Lily Mithen post-training

9:04pm Nov 22, 2016

Women's apparel launch

2:15pm Nov 10, 2016

Pearce on new uniform

2:11pm Nov 10, 2016

Media conference: Daisy Pearce

12:55pm Nov 10, 2016

AFLW draft: Pepa Randall

9:45am Oct 13, 2016

AFLW draft: Maddie Boyd

9:44am Oct 13, 2016

AFLW draft: Ainslie Kemp

9:43am Oct 13, 2016

AFLW draft: Lily Mithen

9:42am Oct 13, 2016

AFLW draft: Katherine Smith

9:41am Oct 13, 2016