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Daisy out in front in AFLCA votes

ADELAIDE superstar Erin Phillips made a stunning return to football in round three of the NAB AFL Women's competition, picking up a perfect 10 in the AFL Coaches Association AFLW Champion Player of the Year award.

After missing the first two games through injury, the reigning AFLW best and fairest winner booted four of the Crows' six goals in the crucial win over the Western Bulldogs.

Melbourne skipper Daisy Pearce shot to the top of the leaderboard after polling nine votes in the Demons' loss to Fremantle.

AFLW Team of the Week

Adelaide v Western Bulldogs, Saturday, February 17
10 Erin Phillips (Adel) 
7 Chelsea Randall (Adel) 
4 Emma Kearney (WB) 
4 Ebony Marinoff (Adel) 
3 Ellie Blackburn (WB) 
2 Monique Conti (WB)

Carlton v Brisbane, Saturday, February 17
6 Kate Lutkins (BL)
5 Kaitlyn Ashmore (BL)
4 Emily Bates (BL)
4 Leah Kasler (BL), 
3 Kate McCarthy (BL)
3 Jamie Stanton (BL)
2 Ally Anderson (BL)
2 Sophie Conway (BL)
1 Nicola Stevens (Carl)

Collingwood v GWS, Sunday, February 18
9 Alicia Eva (GWS)
6 Courtney Gum (GWS)
4 Cora Staunton (GWS)
3 Amanda Farrugia (GWS)
3 Phobe McWilliams (GWS)
2 Emma King (Coll)
2 Chloe Molloy (Coll)
1 Jaimee Lambert (Coll)

Fremantle v Melbourne, Sunday, February 18
9 Kara Donnellan (Frem)
9 Daisy Pearce (Melb)
4 Ebony Antonio (Frem)
4 Tegan Cunningham (Melb)
3 Evie Gooch (Frem)
1 Katherine Smith (Melb)

18 — Daisy Pearce, Melbourne
17 — Emma Kearney, Western Bulldogs
17 — Chelsea Randall, Adelaide
13 — Ellie Blackburn, Western Bulldogs
13 — Ebony Antonio, Fremantle
13 — Brianna Davey, Carlton
13 — Kara Donnellan, Fremantle
12 — Kate Lutkins, Brisbane
12 — Chloe Molloy, Collingwood
11 — Dana Hooker, Fremantle