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Casey Demons teams: round one

Matt Burgan  April 14, 2017 10:12 PM


From the coach …

“We want to follow up with a good year [after making last year’s VFL Grand Final]. We want to be able to create the best environment possible for our players to learn and improve. We’d like to think if we get that right and the brand of footy, hopefully the success will come. We’ve had a few injuries to start the year, but it’ll give some of our younger players the opportunities at Casey to step-up.” – Justin Plapp

2017 Peter Jackson VFL
Williamstown v Casey Demons, Easter Monday, April 17, 2pm
Burbank Oval

B: Jack Hutchins, Oscar McDonald, Mitch White

HB: Declan Keilty, Lochie Filipovic, Michael Hibberd

C: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Ed Morris, Corey Maynard

HF: Ben Kennedy, Tim Smith, Dion Johnstone

F: Aloysio Ferreira, Yilber Zijai, Bayley Fritsch

Foll: Cameron Pedersen, Angus Brayshaw, Jack Trengove

I/C (from): Dylan Gordon, Sean Dwyer, Mitch Gent, Tom Baker, Jordan Moncrieff, Jason Briggs, Angus Scott, Brenton Hillard, Goy Lok

Melbourne-listed players: O.McDonald, White, Keilty, Filipovic, Hibberd, Kennedy-Harris, Maynard, Kennedy, T.Smith, Johnstone, Pedersen, Brayshaw, Trengove

2017 AFL Victoria Development League
Williamstown v Casey Demons, Easter Monday, April 17, 11am
Burbank Oval

B: Nathan Foote, Liam Hiscock, Jake Gains

HB: Dylan Gordon, Damien Johnston, Jordan Kingi

C: Perry Lewis-Smith, Sean Dwyer, Jason Briggs

HF: Todd Vander Haar, Mykelti Lefau, Dan Allsop

F: Connor Ambler, Lochie Filipovic, Nathan Gardiner

Foll: Gach Nyuon, Daniel Johnston, James Munro

I/C (from): Mitch Cox, Jake Lovett, Will Collis, Dylan Collis, Jai Rout, Trent Armour, Kirk Dickson, Aaron Cotte, Ethan East, Ben Giobbi, Tom Glen, Jake Di Pasquale

Melbourne-listed players: Filipovic