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Jetta set to capitalise on fine 2014

Matt Burgan  October 22, 2014 11:09 AM

Neville Jetta season review Neville Jetta reflects on his best AFL season
AFL 2014 Rd 23 - North Melbourne v Melbourne

Neville Jetta of the Demons in action during the 2014 AFL Round 23 match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Melbourne Demons at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne on August 30, 2014. (Photo: Michael Willson/AFL Media)

NEVILLE Jetta says he’s eager to build on his fine 2014 season this pre-season, which includes stepping up his leadership.

Although many see Jetta as a fine role model and potential leader, he said he was more comfortable letting his actions do the talking – although he acknowledged that he would step up with his voice on and off the field. The tough-as-nail defender added “the sooner I do that, the sooner we’ll get better”.

“It won’t come naturally to me but I’m going to have to do it because people are going to be asking of me to do it. But I’m always someone who will do something if someone asks it of me,” he told Dee TV

“I’ll try to the best of my ability to lead. I’m not going to be the perfect leader – some people might disagree with the way that I lead but I’m going to go about it the way that I lead through my actions and a little bit of talk.

“I’ve never been a person who voices his opinions much. I’m more the person who goes out and does the little things and tries to be as professional as possible and lead the way with my actions.

“But I am now in a position at the club where I need to start voicing my opinions more and bringing guys along with me. It’s not going to come naturally to me but if I want to improve and the club to improve then I’m going to have to do it.”

Jetta said increasing his overall fitness base was his main focus this pre-season.

“It’s all about fitness – laying on the genuine small forwards to the high half forwards and the resting midfielders. That’s where I think I can take my game to another level,” he said.

“I’ve really had to work very hard on my fitness over the last pre-season. I was doing a lot of extra running and extra boxing sessions. I got myself to a fitness base that allowed me to compete during games and play against these small forwards that are quick, fit and mentally strong.

“If I can get my fitness up another ten per cent, then I’ll be really happy going into 2015 because I’ll know that I can run the smaller forwards off their feet.”