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The China Diaries - Day 13

The group was split up in three groups today, with the first flight departing Beijing for Hong Kong at 8am, which meant a 6.45 am departure.

Most of the staff members were on this group, with the players split between two other groups flying out later that day.

Four players - Col Sylvia, Cale Morton, Lynden Dunn and Paul Johnson - were on our early morning group, which arrived in Hong Kong around just after 1.30 pm.
From there, people had free time for the rest of the day, with most choosing to shop or just wander the streets of Hong Kong.

Initially, Chris Connolly had organised a boat cruise for the evening, but due to typhoon warnings, this was cancelled (even if a few of the more daring were still keen!).

The sights around Hong Kong were relished by many, and the lights at night gave it an awesome spectacle.

At around 7 pm, 14 members of the groups - Cameron Schwab, Connolly, John Poulakakis, supporters Tim Mason (plus his sister and partner) and Henry and Helen Otto, players Colin Sylvia and Cale Morton, plus staff members Tom Parker, Adam Paulo, Jo Shinewell, Teri Stynes and yours truly - went out for a wonderful dinner, highlighted by Peking Duck and pork.

It was a great mix of people - and conversation - with Connolly often raising a subject for all to share. Plenty of laughs and meaningful dialogue was had. The somewhat last minute dinner became one of the memorable nights of the tour.