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2016 Pledges - list updated monthly

 Timothy Adams
 Leonie Anderson
 Gordon Andrew
 Belinda Antonuccio
 Emmanuel Attard
 Ian L. Ball
 Phillip E. Bando
 William Barber
 Geoffrey Baulch
 Steve Bell
 Peter D. Bellairs
 Marjorie Bentley
 Ross Bertoli
 Reginald Bright
 Rowena M. Brown
 Kenneth W. Bruton
 Jim Bugg
 Dave Butterworth
 Giles J. Callander
 Jeanette A. Cameron
 Raymond Carlsen
 Paul Chapman
 Allan Charlton
 Michelle Chatfield
 Neil Clarke
 Russell Collier
 Penny Collins
 Shane Coster
 John Craigie
 Bruce K. Crossley
 Clare Crunden
 Andrew Davis
 Jill Dawson
 Stephen Doig
 Geoffrey J. Dow
 Carolyn Dowling
 Lyell Duggan
 Jackie Emmerton
 Terry Evans
 Peter Febbraio
 Marilyn Friend
 Ian Gabell
 Jim Gardiner
 Ian George
 Robert Gibson
 Elliot Gill
 Leonard F. Gill
 Phillip Goldsworthy
 Lorraine Goodwin
 Matthew C. Goold
 Meredith Gove
 James M. Gray
 Jamie Gray
 Michael Green
 Joanne Griffiths
 Peter Hansen
 Rachel Hardie
 Margaret Hardy
 David Hassett
 Christopher Hayes
 Ruth Heinze
 John R. Hogan
 David C. Hughes
 Rosemary J. Hughes
 Matthew Impey
 Peter G. James
 Ian Jay
 Philip Johnson
 Michael Jovanovic
 Keith Kane
 Robert Kee
 Suzanne Kewley
 Phillip Kimber
 Dennis Klanjscek
 Katrina Knox
 Alec Leopold
 Gregory J. Lester
 Margaret L'Huillier
 Ken Loughran
 Elizabeth A. Love
 Barry Lydon
 Sue Macaulay
 Alexandra Macaulay 
 Marion Macklin
 Ena F. MacPherson
 David Massey
 Isabella Martin
 Gary Matchan
 Graham McKenzie
 Glenda Miller
 Catherine Mills
 Damian Moller
 Kylie Moulds
 Judith K. Nicolson
 Lyn Norman
 Helen O'Bryan
 Robert C. Osbourne
 Colin  Paine
 Geoffrey Parker
 Sue Parker
 Louise Pope
 Chelsea Porter
 Harry Quick
 Ian Ramsay
 David Ramshaw
 Charlotte E. Rawson
 Anthony Reid
 Barbara A. Richmond
 Mark Roberts
 Ian Rose
 Graeme D. Russell
 Harry A. Russell
 John M. Russell
 Janet Rutherford
 Vincent Salisbury
 Stephen Seale
 Anne Shellard
 Trish Smith
 Andrew  Sutherland
 Wendy A. Taafe
 Paul T. Taranto
 David J. Taylor
 Tony Taylor
 Robert B. Thomas
 Ray N. Timms
 David Tolstrup
 Sam Valente
 Rodney Warren
 Paul L. Wilhelm
 Laura Wilkins
 Keith Williams
 Zena Wilson
 Ian Wright
 Jocelyn Yeatman
 Joseph Zanca
 Lou Zivkovich
 Western Demons

Since 2014, Pledge Per Win has been affording all supporters the opportunity to financially support their team by pledging a monetary amount of their choice, payable only when we win.

All funds raised via Pledge Per Win are dedicated to funding the operation of our Football Department.

Join in the fun today! Your name will be published in an honour roll on our website.

We are all hungry for success, so let’s all commit to winning together.

Thank you for the support of our great club.

Go Melbourne!

Pledge per win

Join in the fun today! Pledge per win to help build the future of the Melbourne Football Club

March 4, 2016  4:50 PM

Terms and Conditions:
You agree to make a voluntary donation in the amount nominated by you (pledge) to the Melbourne Football Club (MFC) for each AFL Home and Away match win and AFL Finals match win by the team fielded by MFC in 2016.

Your Pledge does not apply to   
- AFL NAB Challenge and pre-season trial matches;
- Matches played in VFL league; or
- Drawn or lost matches.

- Your pledge will be debited from your nominated account within three business day after a win.
- Subject to you revising your pledge or choosing to cease donating your pledge under these terms and conditions, you agree your pledge is payable from the date that you opt in for the 2015 season.
- Your pledge is applicable to games in the 2015 season only.
- You can choose to pay retrospectively for wins that pre-date the date that you opted in in by contacting the MFC.
- You may revise the amount of your pledge or cease donating your pledge at any time by notifying MFC of this in writing to