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Melbourne Coterie is the preeminent supporter group of the Melbourne Football Club and has played an important role for over 75 years. Before players were professional athletes, Coterie provided players with assistance and employment. In more recent times, Coterie provided a business, financial, mentor and support network. The Melbourne Coterie today is made up of businessmen from all walks of life that join together in a spirit of camaraderie to support the Melbourne Football Club to be successful on and off the field.



Chairman: Chris Brown
Vice Chairman: Bruce Brown
Secretary: Ian Maguire
Treasurer: Jim Gardiner
Committee: Colin Taylor
Matthew Franceschini
Penny Collins
Liz Coningsby

2017 Calendar of Events

2017 details coming soon 


For further information and general enquiries, please contact Jackie Emmerton
Email: or Phone: (03) 9652 1122 or click here.


1. Ron Barassi

“After my father was killed in action at Tobruk, Coterie made a pledge to take care of my mother and myself. I have never forgotten this definitive, caring statement. From my playing days, through my coaching days, to now, I regard Coterie as part of the fabric of a successful club. Coterie’s contribution through fundraising, player welfare and player employment continues 75 years on, as does the spirit of great camaraderie and passion for our Club which infuses Coterie functions and match day luncheons. I am honoured to be part of it.”

2. Coterie pledge to Mrs Elza Barassi

3. Noel McMahen

“During my 65 year association with the MFC, I have seen our Coterie play a significant part in the Club’s heritage. From my early playing days to the present, Coterie’s commitment to the Club’s finances, players and values has been unheralded.”

4. Robert Flower

“Coterie has a long and significant history with our club. They are passionate and dedicated to its long term success, and are a wonderful group of which to be a part.”

5. Garry Lyon

“The Melbourne Football Club Coterie was a constant support of a young country boy moving down to the city. The MFC Coterie continues to generate a special spirit around our club.”

6. David Schwarz

“Coterie is a great group of passionate and committed supporters with whom I have developed lifelong friendships.”