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The Red and Blue Foundation

The Red and Blue Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Melbourne Football Club. It exists to provide a vehicle for individuals and groups to support the Melbourne Football Club’s efforts to develop the sport of Australian football and to maximise club on-field success.

The Melbourne Football Club pioneered Australian Rules Football when it wrote the rules to the game in 1858. The club and the sport are now an intrinsic part of the fabric of the city of Melbourne – the sporting capital of Australia – and with the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground serving as the club’s home, the Melbourne Football Club remains an important part of the city’s identity. In the modern era, the costs involved with the development of critical areas of the club, and requirements to gain the edge in a highly competitive industry, have grown significantly.

The Melbourne Football Club’s purpose is to win games of football and to provide positive and enjoyable experiences for our members, supporters, players, staff, customers and volunteers. Our vision is quite simply to be respected and great. Football department expenditure is forecast to grow into the future, so the support of donors and fundraising is an essential part of the club’s future success.

The Red and Blue Foundation has registered the Melbourne Football Club Development Fund with the Australian Sports Foundation. It encapsulates key areas that individuals can contribute to, in order to help the club achieve its strategic objectives.

Donations are fully tax deductible and each donation will play a vital role in ensuring the development of these critical areas. Donors can select a specific project to donate to or alternatively, donations can be made to the general overarching fundraising program, the Melbourne Football Club Development Fund.

By contributing to the Red and Blue Foundation, you are helping the Melbourne Football Cub achieve its objectives and in doing so field and develop a strong, competitive team and provide meaningful football and community programs. In addition to providing tax deductibility, all Melbourne Football Club disbursement is fully endorsed by both the ASF and the Red & Blue Foundation, providing assurance for the donor.



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A unique way of supporting the red and blue football family, without impacting on your present income.



The Demon Draw is a platform for you to donate directly to the football department which will help fund vital player Development programs. In return for your donation you will receive tickets to go into the Demon Draw to win monthly prizes and the major prize at the end of the season.